Telecare’s competency problem and Baymont Inn

Let me tell you about Telecare
in orange county
they didn’t do their jobs
quite properly
so now a bunch of homeless
must revisit old streets
hope that they can find food to eat
because Telecare did what it always does
hired unqualified people just because
they don’t want to pay employees to stay
so you worked in the field-a total of one day
let’s put you to work with too many cases
send you out cold-no preparation
do poor assessments to make CEO’s proud
keep that member list long
then suddenly kick them all out
the Health Care Agency of Orange County
it’s not about the patients it’s a money game
even if the workers don’t see it in their pay
and in the very end
the homeless have to pray
we pretend their mental illness isn’t severe anyway
let me tell you about Telecare today
just another bloodsucking for profit
for all the good they’ve done
the evil still exist
when no one gives a damn
they just cash County checks,
believe the people they leave behind
only poster patients get pushed through and thrive
I was never a patient I got paid for my time
and when I was all used up they didn’t even
say goodbye
the homeless at Baymont Inn
might not even get exit services tonight.


American Benefits

I don’t have a drug problem
I don’t have a baby
what I have are bills to pay
with no assistance to save me.
I pay into benefits
they don’t offer me anyway.
I am not a junkie or a single mom
if I were today most my problems would be gone
if I came illegally or was a refugee
the government would provide me
money to get onto my feet
but I have lived a good life
I’ve been responsible
I gave my life to social work
but could be without a home
I have worked my whole to make it comfortable
I have given up my mind
and now I’m on my own.
Never thought my country
would turn out not to be my home
a place where all my labor
turns out to be on loan
for someone very different
to make it all their own.
No, I have lived a good life
but now I’m on my knees
there is nothing left in a country
filled with thieves
we protect all others
leaving good citizens to bleed.