I thought I could run from you
thought I could hide
like I’d be wrong again
though I know when I’m right
that all my focused judgements
in the end are all lies
I thought I could run from you
but I got trapped in the light
the warmth of your hands
and the taste of your lips
never thought it could feel like this
like I could feel home and free all the same
I thought I could run run to the pain
get caught for a moment
kiss you in the rain
but I was so wrong dear
can’t run away
I thought I could run
but you wouldn’t chase
you knew all along that I wanted to stay

Wooden houses

It’s broken windows
on a dusty house
covered in gray
can’t get out
nothing moves here
nothing grows
tongues on fire
got no soul
it’s broken doors
left wide open
come on in
let’s get to smoking

Not a home

The lake is frozen over
the house abandoned still
the snow has all but covered
beneath the sky unfilled
memories are fleeting
trapped they never will
find themselves much thought of
prevented endings always thrills
the lake is frozen over
the icicles fall on heads
and everything is broken
frozen in the cold
the house is still abandoned
still is not a home

Take me back

Take me back to that time again
the time when it wasn’t decadence
dressed in trash and laced with sin
dancing in the straight ignorance
take me back to a time before
before we all fell on the floor
too drunk to pray and too damn bored
drunk off what we lost once more
gave it up like we knew better
drift like stars in darkness forever
take me back where I can see the sun
I don’t like this I want where I come from
take me back to a place like home
a time when all that glitters ain’t gold
where darkness is because of light
where angels sing instead of fight
take me back before we fell
a place that doesn’t feel like hell

The way home

She used to whisper that she understood
like the waves of the ocean knew she would
as every little comfort that tucked her in
she used to believe so strongly
her heart grown colder and wanting
she used to whisper softly
take walks and think of longing
so lost and long ago
the ocean waves they had always known
she’d make her way back home


Take my head
rip it from the flesh
take my skin
you have the rest
and all the blood
just take my thoughts
drive forward what isn’t yours
I played the part
got lost inside this head of mine
took it as an inspiring find
you held my breath
and let me drown
dry it was but I fell down
take my head
collar the throat
if you think we’re done here
you haven’t yet spoke
for you have my head
my flesh and my heart
so now I am here to rip you apart
take my head
rip it from my bones
leave me nothing here
I’ll make this place my home

Pink Petals

I’m not alone
I found myself
and now I know
I’m not alone
this world it has
found me a home
and when I’m gone
I’ll take the smiles
and the rage
I’ll take the sorrow
and this pain
it’s made me whole again
and now
I know
I’m not alone
I’m not alone
I found myself at once again
stepping ever at the edge
my world a tide of once again
I’m not alone
I’ve my own, my love
my marriage to this tome
I’m not alone
ever caged but free to roam
this I owe
my beloved soul and heart
too worn to ever
beat again
I’m not alone
and on my deathbed
this I know
I’m going home.


He looks into eyes, fears the darkness,
sees the armored woman brandishing blade
worn and surrounded by light
he kills the shadows
proclaiming Goddess
he’s down on knees
he bleeds.
He calls her by name, he follows her to battle,
he names her Freya speaking soft.
Chains of love and merciless abuse, his Goddess flees,
but he pursues.
The madness in her eyes only needs the light
he brings the fire, burns her raw
flesh exposed he screams her name,
calling her Freya.
Shielded Goddess carrying bloodied blade
sits in flames as he slays her darkness
the madness building
all she needed was a sheath
but the darkness has been slain
and the Goddess lays dormant once again.

He stands at her ashes waiting for a phoenix
what rises next he proclaims a demon.
A raven woman dressed in madness
crazed from the fire consumed by her ashes.
He looks into eyes and sees his Goddess
fear in his heart he does not understand
as the woman rises talons for hands.
Stripped of her armor, stripped of his light
she rises from ashes in lightless night
glory is her who stands on her own
but as she is watching Odin is calling her home
thought himself a God Muninn will say
thought himself deserving, until he felt betrayed
he thought that he could see, but feared the absence of day
said that I was Goddess, but even then asked me to stay.

16 September 2014