We don’t say goodbye here
never do we part
we keep it all together
we keep it all in us
our hearts are glued together
with all the memories past
we can sit together
drink amongst the flood
the building of the memories
the stories that we keep
we don’t say goodbye here
we never miss the past
everything that’s happened
we keep forever now
we don’t say goodbye
no we don’t ever let it down


We don’t know how to let go
to move on anymore
we don’t know how to let go
to heal or leave it behind
we just hold on
hold on too tight
we use the loss to keep us up at night
to grant us power and make us seem
like we deserve attention and things
we don’t know how to let go
four years later we bring it up now
won’t move on anymore
we keep standing at the door
waiting using and feeling the loss
we don’t let go we’re all unwashed