Feels pretty good

Feels pretty good right now
feels like flying in the clouds
I know it’s really stormy out
but I just can’t come down
don’t feel my flesh no more
feel my wings upon the floor
so far away but still I’m up
in the sky I can’t feel nothing
drunk off what will never come
up in the clouds it’s always fun

Follow the leader

I follow the leader
don’t know why
she never shows
I follow the rules here
I see the sun before it howls
don’t know why
she never shows
I follow through
I follow slow
don’t know where she even goes
I see the moon crying to the floor
I burn my eyes still howling for more
I follow the leader
I get real high
don’t know why I ever compromised

Before I go

Take me before I go
drive fast before we slow
wet skin all kinds of dope
take me before I choke
can’t look up now
just like a dog
I remember walking on that log
tripping through the water
skipping stones to get me higher
laughing like a troubadour
the kites in skies they set my fire
burning down what has begun
take me before it’s over
take me before I’m gone

Kill the preacher

Kill the preacher
don’t let it go
take what’s been given
take the old soul
drink in the madness
take out the king
given to things
always unseen
kill the priest
and break the mother
keep yourself
all under covers
dressed in sheets
all made of black
white is gone
no coming back
rip angels from the sky
rip their wings
no longer high
kill the preacher
make him dead
take what’s been given
take what’s left


I’m feeling kind of wasted
kind of back in time
my head is all but spinning
lashing out in rhymes
melting like cheap plastics
and running over dry
drips they drop like rocks
down the corner street
I’m feeling kind of wasted
kind of left behind
like everything was fine
but now I’m not alright
everything is plastic
to long left in the sun
melting in the moonlight
spinning like a top that’s spun

She’s drunk again

She’s drunk again
angry at someone
or something
wearing lace panties
she hopes to offend
as she walks in loud
already been kicked out
she’s drunk on the floor
she don’t want to feel no more
but she’ll have another glass
do you even have to ask
but they won’t serve her
she’s thinking they got nerve
by the time she’s got
a really good response
she’s already outside
she’s drunk she’s not high
she don’t know how she arrived
so she starts to scream
she’s drunk again
she don’t remember being sober
but she knows it has to end


I wanna get lost in the smoke
I wanna breath it in and devote
myself to the end
Finding meaning my friend
I wanna believe in something
only when I’m breathing something
I wanna get lost in the cloud
the smoke I know so well
and everything will be just fine
I wanna get high just to feel
like the world isn’t on fire
like we can achieve something higher
but then I wake up
and it’s still not enough to make me see
I just need this to believe
need this to be real
know that I can feel
I just wanna get lost in the smoke
fill my life with clouds and devote
myself to the end


I just wanna escape
don’t want to think too much
just wanna play all day
forget the junk I have to do
just want to get myself through
don’t know the truth
drive through the night
all in my mind
thinking too damn high
I’m just stuck
just wanna escape
I’m too tired to
I just want to get through
want it all to be done
so I can continue


Candy coated splatter on my heart
drinking before noon becomes an art
sitting in the backseat of some guy’s car
little edgy girls they fall apart
here they are again a different set
candy coated innocence well bred
drinking in the sun and driving far
little girls all divas in the stars
girlhood starts to die this time tonight
crying is romantic when your high