Just want to sleep

I just want to sleep
so tired don’t want to eat
lurking underneath my bed
I keep myself there instead
the sheets they are my covers
transparent I discover
every dream is broken
shattered from the smoke
and every time it breaks
we make ten more mistakes
I just want to sleep
sleep and never weep
the dreams won’t come again
I’m lost and dead my friend

Pretty little dresses

Pretty little dresses
all done up in lace
couldn’t kill a nothing
couldn’t keep the pace
dancing in ballet shoes
swinging from the gates
pretty little dresses
pretty little face
eyes all done up screaming
never feeling safe
the room is all but porcelain
fragile like my heart
cannot see beyond my hand
my nose is growing thin
pretty little dresses
hiding pretty little sins

Learning bed

Stunted by my learning bed
kept so quiet like the dead
trapped inside my heart so rubber
kept myself from drinking covers
death in watch and wait you see
the monster of the lessons keen
stunted by the blood that drips
falls upon such silent lips
trapped inside my rubber heart
not for longing the song forgot

By design

Mirrors by design
reflecting what you hide
drown in pills tonight
always by your side
twist the hair of fate
kiss the empty grave
say it’s all okay
and lie again and again
mirrors by design
reflecting the moonlight
from eyes that open wide
forget the silver inside
irises at midnight
bloom and show the fold
breaking down the mirrors
reflections all grown old

Down the steps

What’s it worth to you
a little how do you do
more smile with less tooth
the truth is bluer than blue
an image in the snow
written yellow in white coal
the moan it’s so damn old
a recording warped and scored
what’s it worth to you right now
can you pay for it somehow
pull the pocket lint right out
smile big and large and wide
take the picture from the right
the side we never hide
the one done up so nice
come alive and dream forever
what it’s worth to you you’ll see
something so cold you can’t believe
drink the drowning kiss from skin
amused by what it was worth back then

Hiding from the larger creatures

Sitting very small
so small and not that strong
sitting very small and rather weak
you start to feel your skin may leave your feet
and if you move a limb you may be found
so small and weak you cannot move around
for larger creatures creep and moan
talk of eating up your bones
break them open
drink the marrow
sitting very small and soured
in the dark you’ll know the hour
that they come
this time don’t move
unless you have yet another tooth
for little creatures come and feast
as you sit motionless almost deceased
awaiting a much larger foe
it’ll be the little ones that kill your growth