Shadows in the closet

The shadows in my closet
the demons under bed
everything is spinning
round inside my head
I cast them all aside
and set this place a sunder
crying all the time
the sound it makes is thunder
the shadows that once lived here
the demons all once placed
burn beneath the ashes
left without their grace

Ponies dry

Bleed the ponies dry
kill the tears they cry
rip the final thought
speak with teeth untaught
drown the sorrows under
keep the lips uncovered
every word you speak
no one licks the cream
cats no longer need
bleed the veins deceived
find yourself in weeds
and follow all the leads
back into the self
the ponies bleed the wealth
and everything you take
break before you wake


Strip me down to nothing
tell me what you see
so you still really want me
when there’s nothing but disease
when all the pretty flesh is gone
and there’s nothing in between
all the pain and rot inside
laying underneath
next to you no longer hidden
all set up for display
do you still want me
when all the pretense goes away

What’s buried in the ground

secrets cannot burden
a mouth without a tongue
secrets cannot keep
the one who cannot hum
one that makes no noise
and is buried in the ground
a feast for all the maggots
that keep their secrets well
a feast for the earth to have it
all my secrets, sins I’ve worn.