Fantasy of permission

Fantasy of permission
that’s how you been living
on the sidelines
living selfish like
fantasizing you’re a hero
but you’re not
you take and you take
but you want
you want and you need
so you take
fantasy of permission
this ain’t
this is how you living
and it breaks
breaks down in the method
that you play
hope the game is stimulated
but it ain’t
so you feeling like you living
just the same
fantasy of permission
or admission of your guilt
this isn’t just a fantasy
it’s the way you take your milk

Playing video games

Life is dull
so full of make believe
I play games to live
instead of entertaining
life is full
of me being selfish
so in my video games
I wanna be selfless
a different kind of hero
a different kind of me
doesn’t even matter
this games not RPG
open world or meant for
for you to be the hero
life is rather boring
when life amounts to zero

The hero in you

Everybody wants to be a hero
but no one wants to feel the fear
everybody wants to be a hero
but can’t be helped to hear
everybody wants a bad guy
we love a madman or so we think
everybody wants to change them
give them love and make them see
everybody wants the challenge
but don’t want it challenging
they don’t want to work too hard
and they never want to lose a thing
everybody wants the courage
be brave and save the scene
but nobody got the common sense
to see how very different
it really is to be the thing
that you say you want to be
it’s not that you can and don’t know
it’s that you’re a coward and let it show
wants can come and feelings go
but not everybody’s a hero that we know
gotta go through fear to learn to scream
gotta brave the darkness to be free
gotta keep repeating and doing it again
because if everybody was a hero
we would see that heroes save the day
while everybody watches
nobody wants the debt or to pay the cost
everybody’s a hero when nothing can be lost


I can
I can
I can
I can do anything
it’s stupid
so stupid
for me not to believe
that I can achieve
anything I want
I can do anything
and I won’t think of the cost
I can be a hero
save those who can’t themselves
I can do anything
I have the power to help
I don’t think if I should
only cowards hesitate
I get offended
when told to stay in my lane
because I can
I can
yes I can
do anything
I am
able to achieve
I can do anything
I believe
and never second guess
never think to rest
never consider the mess
I can
they’ve always told me
that I can’t
so I do
I’ll save you
without a second thought
without much forgot
only cowards hesitate
this is my fight
I’m the hero
the hero I say
so I can
I can do anything
I can achieve my dreams
help others save some things
be the hero
I was born to be.

Between a hero and a coward

Are you brave or just a coward?
I see you run with all that power
flee and leave the rest behind
don’t fight the evil
just take their bribes
everything will be safe in time
as long as you get paid tonight-
you say you feared for your career
feared for everything you hold dear
but you ran away-that much is clear
you took the cash-all silence here.
Are you brave-truly a hero
because all I see
is just a person
you aren’t too blame
for the abuse received but
your silence still is not bravery.