Looking at the midnight sky
I wonder why I cannot cry
why I can’t just feel something
breathe the pain I know I need
why can’t I just feel the pain
know that I still have the shame
looking at the midnight sky
black it turns to blue in time
I wonder why I cannot feel
can’t express it so I can’t heal

Repair the machine

Cut down the woods
break out the goods
put a bullet in Fido
break the world
not mine though
drink the poison
and the well
know how you are
time will tell
cut down all
that might prevail
and you’ll find you
have not repaired.

A few of my favorite things

Shake the cat out of the tree
break the child at the knee
poison the flowers and kill the bees
the truth is in destructions plea
come whatever, come what may
take the opening in grey
wade the chances and take the bribe
burn all the bridges, sell all your pride

Friendly kind of virus

Take me
take me in to you
let me loose
within your mind
you’ll find in time
I’ll soothe
every wound
you cannot heal
every demon left to kill
the light behind
those dying eyes
take me as your sacrifice
I will find the damage done
heal you with the use of tongue
break your bones and drain your will
do you even know how healing feels?


I miss my pen and paper
miss the way
it feels to bleed
onto page
through ink and lead
letters reflect
just how one feels
the proof on script
old poets