The clear backpacks of Parkland

Safety scissors,
plastic cups,
rubber bumpers,
all lit up
bright as day
clear backpacks
are here to stay!
You have asked for-
you did want;
safety, protections-
did you not?
This is the price
of your safety
an invasion into
precious privacy
they will look
at what you carry
because you
they look
to ensure safety.
Didn’t think this through
so-tampons save me!

Undiagnosable teens

Let’s look for every
every reason
but the one
the truth behind the number
the number of what’s to come
blame the tool that wounds you
point to shadows that tease
but never name the demon
never label the monster that feeds
dance around the issue
even when it’s clear
look for every reason
every reason we want to hear
always just the action never into deeds
we just look at surface
our answers never heed
healing our own hearts
with lies and misunderstandings
let’s look for every reason
every reason
for the bleed
look for every reason
unless the answer is haunting.

The art of passive suicide

How much is your life worth-
is the price a steal?
Can I take your Pulse
without a big appeal?
Will you defend your breath
or can I take it too?
As you frantically Swype
will anyone come to save you?
As you tweet goodbye
will anyone defend you?
As you lose your life
was all this fear a virtue?
Martyr not a class
of cowardice and compliance
why make it out?
Instead just playing to the silence-
50 passive victims
death caused by their inaction
one man with a gun
against a bunch of clubbing