Danger sitting

Danger sitting in the bed
with a grown woman who’s said
I’m a girl in one way or another
this chick ain’t bad just immature
won’t grown up its kinda absurd
act in charge like they work so hard
crying like a child
when they get paid large
don’t know how to act
so they blame men
danger is sitting in bed with them
little girls couldn’t be so damn grown
twenty fucking something years old
danger is letting women be girls
you’ve already grown up
but this time is yours
just so you know it’s silly at best
make your own life
or you’re just making a mess
danger is sitting in bed with women
grown ass adults pretending to be children
this is what we’re left with
this is what we’re given

Who needs the night?

Burning, burning, burning bright
pull the fear out of the night
send the children out to play
give them back the light of day
remind them they are not to stay
stay at home and be safe
part of youth is danger and challenge
break a bone learn how to handle it
burning, burning, burning bright
help the children take back the night

Things Miss Piggy taught me

Who told you
you couldn’t
who taught you
to ask
who took away
your memory
and stole your
Who told you
you were weak
and taught you
you couldn’t?
When did
Miss Piggy
let anyone say
she shouldn’t?
When did we start
priding obedience-
can’t do a thing
unless someone says yes.
How did we get here
telling little girls
to be loud but polite
asking for permission
to start the good fight
pretend that feminism
started it all
sing another empty anthem
another generic pop song
another stupid message
that the world won’t change.
Pretend that you’re strong
while you sell that ass
on stage
don’t believe Demi
and definitely not Xtina
the world keeps on changing
though girls never needed
we already did
the empowerment thing
Spice Girls existed
and so does the British Queen.
Who told you you couldn’t
and why do you need
another fucking person
to tell you your worth it,
write out your life plan
and tell you what works if-
you might play edgy
but the truth often hurts-
who ever told you
you couldn’t thrive?
still you make the choice
to obey and abide-
Miss Piggy taught girls
to work towards
their dreams
to know that success
is where they want to be,
never let Gonzo
get out of hand
accept kicking ass
and loving romance.

Inside Lovato and the bad life coach

I am an artist,
an entrepreneur-
I’m creative
a fucking gift to the world.
I got ideas
and I show my tits on stage.
I feign authenticity
but make excuses out of pain.
I use my illness
and my addictions as a shield.
I use sobriety
as a theme to get a meal-
I am an artist
a philanthropist and more
I’ve got bipolar
and I wield it like a sword.
I’m not recovered
as that takes time and room to heal,
I am just a child
who doesn’t know what it means
to be real.
I’m just a celebrity,
adding titles to my name-
buying indulgences in vain,
and pretending mental illness is a game.
I am an artist
but that’s just an excuse
for being a child, for being rude
for being ill and relapsing too
I’m just too young to accept the truth,
it’s still my fault, but it’s also youth.

What my mother taught me

What my mother taught me;

how to be afraid,
how to distrust everyone,
how to clean the sink,
how to be quite weak,
how to lie and cheat,
how to manipulate-
everything I learned
she demonstrated on me,

how to break a heart,
how to tear myself apart,
that she is better than
I could ever comprehend
because she struggled so
and I would never know,
how to get a man
that was her great plan,
clean and keep a house
my mother taught me well,

how to steal the show,
make my pain grow slow,
and throw it in the face
of even my professed faith,
because my mother struggled
she never did grow up
my mother taught me many things
and many things she stole
I became a lot of things
and then I removed her from my soul.

The last thing my mother taught me
the last lesson I let her teach-
how to let go of demons
and leave the devil where she be.

Playing house progressively

White bells and wedding cakes
don’t know how long it takes
everything comes to a close
where nothing dies
but everything grows
perfect skies and perfect weather
friends and family gathered together
nothing here but left behind
girls they dreamt now those dreams cry
nothing yet has come to pass
girls turn to women women at last
but all the gardens have grown cold
nothing left they are all alone.

In the time of the child activist

Children teaching children
who then teach the adults
tell them how the world works
and what we all should want
peace, love and equality
oppressive systems dismantled at all cost
but they don’t know what a payment is
or how these victories are wrought
children know of child things
adults remember well
remember what it was like
living in youths shell
children teaching children
who then teach the adults
who listen without flinching
or giving second thought
everything is perfect
when seen through child eyes
but when they all grow up
they will regret this time
children are just children
adults should always protect
when children teach the adults
the adults choose to forget
that children are just children
and when we fail them so
the world will burn so gloriously
so hopeless and so alone.

Save the cheerleader

Save the women!
Save the world!
We must protect our little girls
they are weak and prone to failure
due to tears and chauvinist agenda.
We must pass more legalisation
to keep them from degradation.
They are weak and prone to failure
due to physical differences
and biological imperatives,
but we fucked up
with all these fables
we waged war by making ourselves
incapable-women need more legalisation
to ensure our reparations
this is not about equality
women fight for supremacy
but like a woman we play the sheep
Oh please big strong man come save me!
Save the women
destroy the world
please stop stealing empowered girls
let them grow up big and strong
can we undo
what feminist got wrong?

Vanity fare

Ooh Emma Watson
all grown up
caught with
the label of hypocrite
all because you showed some tit.
Make grand speeches but don’t know shit
about how the real world’s buying your bit.
You see the great thing about feminism
is that it’s a tool for domination!
You think the world got double-speak from the guys who brought you UFC?
Breaking the binary doesn’t do dick
when you reverse the roles receiving whips
lashes to lashes
dust to dust
everyone’s special-that means us!
Its not a choice when it’s right or wrong
black or white
no grey or mauve-
he for she is all a fraud.
Emma Watson shows her cards
just another girlhood scarred
demanding Belle bring womanhood while balancing out that double speak good.
Sexualizing yourself-
pretend it’s not for wealth-
you should know that clothes they bring
a greater part of dignity
self respect and confidence
but everything you’ve said and did
all the hope you have spread
all the trails to begin to age and then
your breast came out to bat and win!
You’re now on the top of age
you have now matured on stage
all it took was one small choice
show your breasts-
the world rejoice!
You say feminism is about choice
so why did you choose to sexualize your voice?
Once there was Hermione
now there’s just two tits, see?
You’re just another body
because you chose to outgrow