Back hand me once again
I don’t think it’s much like sin
keep it coming I know me
the pattern that I want not see
slap me down and keep me over
under headboards and in clovers
I don’t think it’s all that bad
keep me in the grip of hands
I don’t like the utterings
keep those fists all over me
if it hurts I know it’s love
keep me in the grips above

Ruby covered roses

Ruby covered roses fall back to the ground
choked by all that’s shiny weighing petals down
the world is one big garden that shines and gleams it seems
but the flowers are all dying on the floor and in the weeds
ruby covered petals scratch the eye so clear
the world is but a garden protected by beautiful gear
the rubies we’ve collected decorated our flowers with
down simply into memory as the roses lose their grip