Shadows in the closet

The shadows in my closet
the demons under bed
everything is spinning
round inside my head
I cast them all aside
and set this place a sunder
crying all the time
the sound it makes is thunder
the shadows that once lived here
the demons all once placed
burn beneath the ashes
left without their grace


Round and round and round we go
the music traps,the mirrors show
the faces beyond that grace bestowed
the truth behind the mask you moan
everything you ought to be
everything your purpose bleeds
round and round and round you’ll see
everything that’s meant to be
everything that’s out of reach
the music traps, the mirrors show
the nightmare kept-you’ve no control
Merry-go-round and round and round
it never stops
you can’t come down.

The garden

Empty and tired
I am on my knees
forgotten and broken
I have no relief
faith is bordered
by my doubt and tears
I’ve been fighting
so hard
for all these years
empty and tired
I have lost my wings
broken and forgotten
left to sow these weeds
in a garden barren
of flowers and trees
a wasteland I’ve discovered
made by all my deeds
the good, the bad and
everything has led
to the garden
of empty promises
left to vultures
here I wait
grace I know
will always save
empty and tired
I cannot give up
life is long
this time I’ve had
is not enough.

When you dance

Blooming fire,
time to pass,
everything will start at last
the life you’ve given
the heart you’ve bled
soon the nightmares die again
everything will come to end
all that’s broken here will mend
God has captured all of me
I praise the Lord still on my knees
in the fire I find peace
everything will turn from weeds
all my shattered broken things
will find new purpose, new beginnings
I thank the Lord for all I’ve been
the pain, the hatred, the poison I’ve fed
I praise the Lord for all my scars
this turmoil and torment it all makes sense
I praise the Lord for the grace I’ve met.