All but gone

I’m sitting in the smoke now
drinking from a muggy glass
wondering where it all went wrong
wondering why the good times pass
sitting in this loud deep silence
drowning in the foamy top
sitting in this smoky darkness
almost feels like God forgot
got me thinking I want off
dreaming of that wet beyond
that drip of death
the willow spent
and this dirty glass all but gone

Before I go

Take me before I go
drive fast before we slow
wet skin all kinds of dope
take me before I choke
can’t look up now
just like a dog
I remember walking on that log
tripping through the water
skipping stones to get me higher
laughing like a troubadour
the kites in skies they set my fire
burning down what has begun
take me before it’s over
take me before I’m gone

Scorch the earth

I’m gonna scorch the earth baby
not taking names lately
just killing all the others
nameless faceless mothers
I don’t give a damn my dear
got my salt in hand my dear
think I’ve made it crystal clear
I’m gonna scorch the earth right here
underneath my feet
I know I’m gnashing teeth
I’ll burn just like the rest
but when it’s over this pain in my chest
will be gone

No more

I don’t give a damn no more
don’t know why you standing at my door
knocking like I’ll open up
forget the shotgun just long enough
don’t got the time but you’re still here
asking why I’m so unclear
like words were hidden in the snow
too cold to dig
too lost to know
I don’t give a damn no more
board the windows lock the doors
you knock and knock like this your home
I don’t know what you knocking for
as if I’d taste your scent in air
come on running
get you here
as though I’m waiting unannoyed
for you to come knocking on my door
I’m bothered
I’m cranky
but I couldn’t care less
you knocking so desperate
so clearly aimless
the sound is now distant
I’m lost in a glow
I don’t need the shotgun or the anger no more
I don’t give a damn what you came here for
I don’t open my doors for unannounced guest
doesn’t matter who you are
you’re still not getting in

When we say goodbye

And when we say goodbye
will you say at least you tried
will you pretend you actually cared
stayed clear but stayed right there
as everything has faded back
you pretend it’s all gone black
memory begins to fade
and when we say goodbye
will you still remember my face?

On this cross

It’s too late to forget
not enough time left to deal with it
got to jump stones and drain rivers
find myself while making dinner
it’s too late to forget it now
to lose the thought
keep my head in the clouds
like windows stained red from wine on the floor
the sun keeps on shining burning for more
it’s too late to forget what you said yesterday
it’s too late to forgive the chances you didn’t take
it’s too late and it’s done now
all but once lost
you find yourself broken
left on this cross

No memory

I’ll break out
leave this place somehow
drop these chains so loud
shake the ground
I’m gone now.
I’ll leave this place
no memory
I’ll let it go
this time for me
I’ll walk this road oh you will see
I’ll take the path less meant to be.
I’m gone now
left this place and got out
broke the chains the ground shakes
I left this place
no memories
you don’t need any more of me.