Through windows

I’ve been watching through windows
falling through doors
trying to find how to settle the score
fire burning brightly
killing me slow
I’m asking softly for you to let me go
burn me to cinder
and blind me in gold
I’ve been watching myself die
no longer a living glow

Snow globe

Outside the glass it grows so cold
looking in gets tired and old
it grows so bitter freezing still
as eyes ice over and sight reveals
inside it seems so warm, inviting
as if the whole world is now shining
so much to be done but nothing for you
outside the glass you are to die soon
the snow on your shoulders
the ice in your eyes
everything glows here
but you’re not inside
where you now sit just looking in
killing you softly with those eyes
you wish you were with us
but you’re outside
and everything inside is warm it glows
and when you finally die inside it will snow