jewelry box

Sitting in my jewelry box
cannot think
can’t get the top off
music doesn’t play no more
the gears they do not turn the cords
the jewelry is lost
the wooden panels all but burnt
sitting in my jewelry box
the world it fails to turn
spin like once it did so bright
golden box it filled with light
sitting in this darkness now
the glitters lost my soul still bound

Purple marble

Paint the walls in purple marble
make the color clean
glitter up the world around you
make the seen unseen
drink the paintings from the cup
make the diamonds gleam
paint the crystal in the death
of all your broken dreams
paint the walls in purple marble
keep the colors crisp
make sure everything is open
all the shadows are dismissed
bleed the walls of all the blue
keep the sky a myth
paint the world in glittery marble
purple paint to drown the dirt
keep it clean and ever crisp
eat the glass the mirrors with it

No new ground

Forget about the new girl
I’m bored of all that glitter and edge.
Tired of all the bad girls
so very tired of being told we’re free again.
I’ve never been a weak one
grew up knowing it’s been done before
no new ground to break
oh not no more
there’s been women in the places I want to go
I’m not the first or the best
oh this I know
forget about the new girl
like we’ve done to all who’ve past
let’s remember for a moment
some true first and dance
celebrate the old guard
and thank them for what’s been found
forget about the edgy girls
they’re really not profound
let’s take a second look
back into our history
and found that we’ve been there before
for much longer than you’d believe
I’ve never been a weak one
because I haven’t forgot
this isn’t new ground I’m treading
I’ve got road maps and how to starts
forget about the new girl
I’m tired of glitter and edge
let’s go back into history
and see how it was done best

Bad girl summer

Bad girl summer
it’s just what we do
our time’s over
we got much to pursue
looking for new love
but nothing from you
bad girl summer
we breaking the rules
crying and lying
lost in the glitter
showing the skin
clouds getting thicker
I’ll say that it’s you
but we know that it’s me
I broke the rules
like the bad girl I be

Take me back

Take me back to that time again
the time when it wasn’t decadence
dressed in trash and laced with sin
dancing in the straight ignorance
take me back to a time before
before we all fell on the floor
too drunk to pray and too damn bored
drunk off what we lost once more
gave it up like we knew better
drift like stars in darkness forever
take me back where I can see the sun
I don’t like this I want where I come from
take me back to a place like home
a time when all that glitters ain’t gold
where darkness is because of light
where angels sing instead of fight
take me back before we fell
a place that doesn’t feel like hell

Taken away

Everything that glitters
glitters when your gone
artificial pleasure
the nature of this song
every pretty moment
every pretty kiss
everything that glitters
flickers before it trips
disguised by bitter longing
and loving memories
the glitter that has blinded
has taken everything
blinded by its light
a beautiful moment
in a kiss
artificial pleasure
has taken away my lips

Our stars today

We watch them die
then watch them eat themselves alive
we watch them soar
rip them apart forevermore
then see them twitch
watch them eat their fingertips
we see them mimic
create themselves within our image
we watch them die
puppets thought gods
we’ve seen them cry
watched them fall from in the sky
they hit the ground
they swallowed hard and then they found
we watch them die
lift them up to say goodbye
we want to see
abused by beautiful tragedy
so then they make
a play about their slow decay
and we will watch
and they will rot beneath the stage

The audience

Let’s all put our hands together
get real loud cheering to the letter
we made gods out of cotton tethers
not hard when you lose the measures
of right.
Let’s all put our heads together
find the means to weather out this storm
our survival born from treason to the floor
mourning bodies kept this time to whore
rake the money in this time we scored
whores that pose as gods in which we trust
let’s put our hands together
we have lost this time forever
let’s move on from this the bodies we gave up
let’s stop mourning and this cheering of nothing much
just figure out this time it’s been enough
goodbye to this the present past we sunk.