Precious little

I’ve got precious little left in me
too much haunted for you to see
a house abandoned years ago
the wood all molded from the snow
broken windows eyes unclean
cannot speak to shame
just speak to dream
sing of all that once had been
precious little time that is
too much broken too much dead
shattered in the molded shed
a manor once never again
I’ve got precious left to give


Give a little to the soul
remember you are growing old
everyday it’s taking hold
you believed and you were sold
give a little
lose a lot
burn the canvas
the paint is hot
burning the picture that we forgot
cast it away like the stress you breed
feeding in mourning
thanking the thieves
nobody cares
not really
but we give what we need
sell the soul once again
the drinks that spill on your head
you have died
and now you wander
give a lot gain lots to ponder

Some burdens

I am a burden
just thought you should know
in case you’d forgotten
while I moved along
trying not to bother
while offering my help
I’m sorry that I’m down
on material wealth
I am a burden
that much is true
gave all of my gold
so you could have food
lost my means and childhood
I am a burden
a burden it’s true
have you my wings, my home
all new
now I am here
lost and alone
I’m sorry for the inconvenience
but could I use your phone?
Lost all my money
when I gave it to you
promises made
but I’m still the tool.