Time keeper

Early in the morning after the sunset
we drink our morning coffee
and get ourselves to bed
the midnight taken over
the sunlight in our heads
like stars in our eyes
can’t trick us when we’re dead
after the sun rises
after the midnight sun
we begin the morning caffeinated fun
we drink our morning coffee
and get ourselves to bed
everything is set here
as a watch well timed
early in the morning after the sun rise
we can’t drink our coffee
we can’t go to bed
we don’t sleep too well
when everything’s in time again

Going back

I wanna be a clown
but they took it from me
my red nose no longer beeps
can’t entertain
can’t suck my teeth
I’m dreaming in those greys and black
can’t keep coming from the back
I wanna be a clown
but my shoes are flat
no more squeaking pants don’t sag
they took it from me
took my laugh
nothing fun about not going back

The importance of coffee

Take me out for coffee
make me laugh and smile
talk with me for a while
and then let’s leave
let’s go somewhere so quiet
stop the words just silence
we walk but do not know
where we will go
take me out for coffee
make me laugh a lot
and when we wake
in the morning
don’t forget to brew a pot

While it’s well

Take a step back
see where you at
move, move, move like the plague
everybody wants to be
fun, so wild and so free
everybody wants to be blameless
but we don’t know exactly how to
take it
see where you are bleeding
bandage up that heart
take a moment from me
pretend it isn’t art
and bleed out of the eyes
like a vision caught in hell
take a step back honey
and kill it while it’s well

As we once noticed

Let’s hope it rhymes
let’s hope it’s good at keeping time
let’s hope it looks
looks good in gold and white
let’s not delay
unless we’re tired and we can
let’s go for broke
instead of going with the band
let’s take of rules and when they don’t apply
let’s read the writing
the writings on walls that are not mine
this is the world
let’s celebrate before we’re gone
let’s hope for curls
let’s forget what we’ve done wrong
let’s drink to us remember we get to have fun
and when it’s over
let’s hope it rhymes as we once noticed

Who needs the night?

Burning, burning, burning bright
pull the fear out of the night
send the children out to play
give them back the light of day
remind them they are not to stay
stay at home and be safe
part of youth is danger and challenge
break a bone learn how to handle it
burning, burning, burning bright
help the children take back the night


I say what I mean
mean what I say
but you may interpret
any old way
you may read flower
but I mean the sun
you may think I disagree
but it’s all for fun
do you remember
when literal was secondary
when reading comprehension
meant work would be varied
instead of being limited
because feelings are scary
so terrified to insult
to offend or be viewed wrong
the world is a pop song
one before the times ups
and we don’t do poetry
words mean what they mean
I guess play is old school
but I’ll time as rhymes
should read.


Drunk and alive
for the first time
feeling high
the chance to dine
on flesh
every vice and every right
sold for another good ride
harder still than cotton
moth balls on my clothes
everything is candy
and then the light goes black.


Fun undoes the trauma
if only for a moment
laughter heals the wound
that remains still open
everything exist all at once
and never
everything you miss
leaves you confused
much longer
smiles are just actions
but they cure the sadness
biological interactions
with this world’s dark madness