Playing video games

Life is dull
so full of make believe
I play games to live
instead of entertaining
life is full
of me being selfish
so in my video games
I wanna be selfless
a different kind of hero
a different kind of me
doesn’t even matter
this games not RPG
open world or meant for
for you to be the hero
life is rather boring
when life amounts to zero


The pretty are so desperate
desperate for the fear
the tears that fall from broken eyes
the bleed that comes from ears
the gilded are so sad
but also complementary
complementing dust
and rewriting recent history
everything is crystal
the silk is blood and bone
drinking of the marrow
keeps you from growing old
the rich are oh so desperate
desperate for the poor
to fill their boring life up with pain
the pain of wanting more
the pretty are so desperate
like every shiny thing
those considered have gots
lay waste to hope supreme
the wanting of the glutinous
rewriting history
the things that make us restless
also make them grieve.