Middle of the night

Lies can make you happy
in the middle of the night
sing a pretty song
make the world a new delight
and cherish what’s not happened
forgetting that you cried
the lies will keep you warm
in the middle of the night
lies can make you happy
burn a fire keep you warm
lies can soothe the heartache
keep you from growing sore
no bitterness to swallow
no absence of the warmth
lies can keep you going
when all you want is to die
yes lies can change a lot of things
like temperature and pain
make the coldest of the midnight’s
feel like summer in the day
lies can do a lot of things
but in the end they’re lies
so careful what you tell yourself
to get you through the night

Like a bad memory

Let me tell you
I know I’m not perfect
I’ve been down right ruthless
I’ve made scars I can’t undo
I’ve made you feel like you do
I know I’m not that great
I’ve been like Judas mate
I’ve been down right irate
and scared the likes of you
I’ve been troubled that’s the truth
I’ve got to live with what I used
like a junkie I’ve made mistakes
looking for something not on my plate
I’ve been hungry and I got fed
now you mad and my face is red
let me tell you I understand
you got feelings I ain’t mad
because you do you please and thanks
keep all the feels that you hate
because I made mistakes
my choices made you irate
and now I’m like Judas man
betrayed you oh so bad
and you got feels right now
it’s not your fault I did it all
it’s not your fault I caused the fall
let me just say you’re right
you feel what you feel inside
it doesn’t make it better
but this is what I have done
I’ve been so not that fun
I made you cry and hurt
I made you hunger and thirst
yeah I’m still trying to change
but you’re feelings in their place
I won’t tell you you’re wrong
this is not my swan song
I just keep swimming in
the truth of how I lived
I own most everything
the bad the good and the ugly
you do what’s right for you
if it hurts me that’s my truth
but in the end it’s all alright
if I did you dirty it’s you that’s right
let me tell you just one thing
I know just who I be
it ain’t always so pretty
I’ve been a very bad girl
and if I could change it I would
but we can’t go back and I can’t erase
so feel what you feel it’s all in place
because I know just who I am
where I’ve been and the damage at hand
cut me off and feel no shame
if I hurt you at the end of the day
I know I’m Judas man
been doing the best I can
it’s not enough and I’m so sorry
so do what you feel and don’t think of me
let me tell you all I’ve seen
my past is since no victory
so feel what you feel
I won’t try to say
it’s wrong if you’re hurt man it’s really okay
throw me out like a bad memory
I know what I did my choices I bleed


Let’s all forget the end
practice what’s pretend
break the mold again
with something old and dead
bring it back to start
break the world apart
forget the lessons taught instead
take yourself to bed and dread
everything you left behind
everything you forget.