Never forget

Love me
love me
burn it into me
take my blood
and leave me
break my eyes
blind my touch
I never really knew
I wanted this so much
love me
and break my neck
give me something
I’ll never forget.

Forget, move on

So many promises
broken, lost and discarded
you never told me
what you really wanted
this is not okay,
no, it’s really quite disgusting
that my only crime is believing
what you told me,
so many little things left unsaid
didn’t take the time to be acquainted
you took to speaking words so confident
but you never came through
you never made good
just kept fucking talking
like one day you would
but one day never comes
it never gets better
until the final day when I forget forever
every promise broken let’s say that I forgot
I don’t really know you
just start new with what you got
so many broken promises
I forget and then move on

What we’ve lost

Pastel colors plastic cars
everything a work of art
the world we dream in
the world we sought
a world on fire
true love forgot
plastic covers metal doors
thirsty for what is more
more than plastic
more than this
dreams of worlds less ignorant
in plastic hearts we find no love
just simple pleasures
no one above
everything a work of art
no trying here just what’s forgot

Where I’ve been

Sometimes I turn my back on
the truth of who I was
how cruel I could be
setting to the floods
I burned bridges and memories
burned it all to the floor
made sure I couldn’t remember
because I didn’t want it no more
I was held up on pedestals
called a goddess and a queen
but then I remember
all the hell that I’d bring
nobody knew me
even when they thought they did
because I didn’t trust them
that’s the way that I lived
sometimes I try my best to forget
like nothing ever happened
before I decided it did
but when I lost everything
even my mind
I saw it all clearly
the choices were mine
I know who I am now
because I know where I’ve been
sometimes I might want to run
but I stand where I am
I’ll grow from the ashes
or I’ll accept that I’ve drowned
I’ll make my own way here
someway somehow
and when sometimes I cry
I’ll know I need to let it out

Never learned to bluff

Goodbye tomorrow
and all my future plans
goodbye to sun rise
I didn’t take it while I had the chance
goodbye to tomorrow
and all my so called friends
when I don’t answer
know you can’t make amends
goodbye to the future
the one that I had thought I planned
goodbye to tomorrow
I think I finally understand
I’ll forget tomorrow
and keep walking on a straight path
because tomorrow
may not come but I don’t give a damn
goodbye to everything
I think I’ve done just about enough
I’m taking the next train
and know I never learned to bluff

Just forget about it

Forget the rainy days
and walking through the park
every corners dangerous
every street is dark
the world is overflowing
with evil in strange amounts
we’ve never had these problems
humanity already figured out
how to light the darkness
and do away with crime
pedophiles didn’t exist
until the changing of time
we’d all like to forget
that evils all around
that humans make bad choices
we aren’t very special
are we now?

Eyes on the ceiling

Eyes on the ceiling
true love forgets
children don’t die here
though often regret
the dreams that we had
we all have left
gaining a rainbow
colored death
broken like glass
good porcelain
the mirrors all shattered
the silver is lost
eyes on the ceiling
sins they have watched


Let’s all forget the end
practice what’s pretend
break the mold again
with something old and dead
bring it back to start
break the world apart
forget the lessons taught instead
take yourself to bed and dread
everything you left behind
everything you forget.