Nothing lasts forever
unless you can’t let go
tell yourself you don’t care
and that you truly know
that one day you will die too
but you’re still not that old
you don’t have to worry
you’ve got a young soul
nothing lasts forever
unless you want to lie
die while your still breathing
pretend that you have thrived
while life is lacking meaning
nothing lasts forever
so you just ignore
everything that reminds you
that one day you will die
everything will end here
nothing remains alive

Peel the iris

Peel the iris from the eye
keep the rest all shivering white
never see for fear of find
the world beyond this horrid night
drift into the teeth and marrow
suck from bones and make it right
fix the flesh that keeps you tight
flesh that binds and holds you together
peel back the eyelid and have at forever

Welcome to goodbye

Loudly you remove yourself
screaming as you get phased out
right back to obscurity
into darkness shadows bleed
loudly you insists it’s better
into history
forgotten forever
back into the fringe you go
where others died to let show
you erase reality
remove yourself and never grow
back to obscurity the silence flows
cannot speak so we forget
there is a danger in what’s different

Forever flowers

Flowers grow here
they never die
the gardens lively
this time of night
I seek fulfillment
I seek new life
flowers that fall here
never survive
they will be smothered
they’ll see no sun
flowers that grow here
do this for fun
I wonder so wildly
so wide and obscure
flowers grow here
and all around the world
everything dies
but not this garden
though it grows dulls
now lacking in flavor
for I wish I could kill them
do them a favor.

Down the rabbit hole

Once forever
you said never
fell right down
the rabbit hole
once forever
you did weather
all the bitterness
of cold
you said never
falling down
that freezing
rabbit hole
but once forever
never let her
ever, ever
let go.


Tell me who I am
and what I’ll never be
let the story drown
in brilliant infancy.
Tell me what is up
tell me where is blue
and I will walk alone
along one-two, one-two.