The parlor

Setting up the parlor
with all the nicest things
the trash from the below
is enough to make you scream
run through fire naked
and bleed what you don’t mean
the teddy bears are all up
all waiting for their tea
the crumpets made from spiders
carry so many wonderful dreams
setting up the parlor
just as one does the mind
dressing up the armor
soaking metal in good wine


In the morning if I wake up
burning in this bed
the sheets have all gone dirty
painted all deep red
turning brown as want to do
the blood is all but dry
in the morning if I wake up
it will be another morning
that I cry
if I die while sleeping
it will be a pleasure
burning in this bed
I take to waking measured

Begin again

Fire blooming from her hair
grows until it gets everywhere
burning the carpet
burning the chairs
the wooden floor now beyond repair
the lace and satin all but ash
her hair in flames it’s glorious
the destruction she brings
just walking in
the house is gone
time to begin again

Time decays

Fire blossoms burning flesh
death becomes the ignorant
those who touch but do not heed
warnings given graciously
never a need but spoken anyway
you simply threw the warnings away
fire blossoms burning your flesh
they called upon you so ignorant
burning the eyes so beautiful
those who touch the ones harmful
hands that pick and pluck and bend
kill the flowers snuff the flames
your flesh it burns as time decays

Where the dark things are

They all want the darkness
like it’s calling out to them
they all want the sickness
the voices in their heads
they all want the crawling
the writhing on the floor
as if it is a good thing
to always want for more
they all want to walk
with fire and with pain
as if they know the darkness
and call it by its name
like midnight is for magic
and the devil for the wronged
as if the dark will save them
and as if the light can’t see
as they lust for demons
when it’s angels that they need

What dreams are

Dreams are made of fire
burning bright and out of time
dreams are candy coated
pinks and purples on a plate
everything is burning
sugar clouds become the flames
the sky all lit in technicolor
amber threads of sweet delay
dreams are made of silver pillows
golden sheets in disarray
dreams are made of glass
and they shatter just as easy
when everything’s in plastic
it’s hard to go to sleep


Burning all the flower fields
cut the weeds and keep the hills
ashes are such lovely things
the cinder looks like heart’s yearnings
everything burnt and black
char the world so it won’t come back
all the flames will die real soon
as the air gets eaten too
cut the weeds but keep the ground
look at all we can do without
burn the flowers and dry the lakes
the oceans gone the world replaced
drink the ashes take them in
the darkest remnants of what has been

Within the pain

Burning in the cold rain
drinking in the sludge
I’ve taken all the pills now
and broken all my bones
burning in the cold night
rain falling from the floods
burning all my skin off
drowning me in mud
burning from the fire
the fire in cold rain
the droplets are all glowing
orange within the pain

Walk on fire

Burning brilliance
the bush on fire
the voice that booms
destroys my ire
broken dreams
unheard screams
the child dies
the mother feeds
burning darkness
blinding light
eyes go inward
close up tight
burn the skin
from bones of white
drink the marrow
and start to drive
drive through fire
burning roses
no one cries here
we’re all fine
burning bushes
the time it’s taken
off the witch
burning bushes
blinding light
the booming voice
brings sight to life

The world is on fire

The world is on fire
we do not really learn
we set it aflame
just to watch it burn
we dance on the ashes
bathe in the soot
when our lungs are scared
it’s too late to look
we are all blind
all blind willingly
the world is on fire
not sure what we see
the flames are if truth
the world won’t get better
as we dance in the ashes
all bathing together