What Natalie Portman was really talking about

Messages-so many messages
got the girls screaming,
got the women leaning
on walls to catch their breath,
confusion is the anti-drug
that leaves our lives bereft.
We can’t get to dreaming,
we can’t get to life,
we just live in bewilderment-
confused unable to thrive.
Women and girls get conflicting
conflicting messages all the time
from media that tells us one thing
while the other thing exist alongside
so we can’t accept the reality
because girls and women get confused
like a virgin in a bikini
it leaves a girl with nothing to do
but cringe and think about
how it makes her feel
that a girl could wear a bikini
and be a virgin too
it’s just that feminist has all
the girls and women confused
society says one thing
but they say that we choose
a feminist lives to tell you
it’s a bikini or virtue

I believe in the war on women

There is a war on women
we’ve erased them all
taught little girls there’s no one
in history that is strong
we’ve forgotten women
erased them with our hate
teaching little girls
that the man
has kept us caged
that all we’ve ever done
is birth children and kept house
that there’s never been no women
who’ve done it for themselves
that feminist have given
women all our rights
that they keep fighting for freedom
while the rest of us become wives
there is a war on women
driven by the feminist
who’ve erased histories strong women
and replaced it all with myth
erased Moms Mabley
and replaced her with nothing
feminist rewrite history
so women forget to breathe
there’s never been strong female comics
all because of men
except when you remember
Moms did it all before
she kept it going for her lifetime
even in old age
she kept that stage in stitches
but so many forget her name
there is a war on women
so little girls should do their research
find the strong women
that exist throughout our history
you can start with Moms Mabley
and then maybe you’ll find more
it really isn’t difficult
when you fight back in this war.

What’s my line?

Black and white
so elegant
the women from
the 50s set
a narrative we soon
Erase the ones
who got ahead
sell a victims tale
Create a system
that has fed
on the empowered
females success.
Erase them from
the narrative
for we must sell
the damsels bit.
Turn the split tales
into kids
and never speak of
how we lived
that life’s oppression
that’s all there is.

Watch me on the internet

Watch me on your screen-
click, click, like my scene
these eyes-all on me
your lust my game-my need.
It gets me off
just wait and see-
that wet drip, drip
is reality
I’m soaking wet
when the cameras on me.
Selling fantasies
it’s all a game you’ll see
give me your wealth
I’ll be your dream.
my passion for
selling flesh
Don’t give a dime
to your anti-porn scene,
don’t give a fuck
that you think less of me.
I’ll do what I want
my life, my choice, my needs
anti porn feminist
you don’t speak for me.

Katy and the N word

This is an activist
this is your ‘Woke’ princess
a woman with foul intent
makes money on lies
and tits
cuts her sex off for this
a statement on what she is
just a rich bigot-
with butch hair,
no kids-unhappy life isn’t fair.
All this money
but soul’s gone bare,
broken and tattered
she’s all alone-no one’s there,
quinoa in your teeth but nobody cared-
left you looking fool for your red carpet affair.
Oh poor little Katy
can’t even pay for a date
one that might keep those pesky morsels away-
maybe that’s why
when you’re being real
you have no problem comparing black to black
fuck-Katy Perry
says nigger in fact.

Save the cheerleader

Save the women!
Save the world!
We must protect our little girls
they are weak and prone to failure
due to tears and chauvinist agenda.
We must pass more legalisation
to keep them from degradation.
They are weak and prone to failure
due to physical differences
and biological imperatives,
but we fucked up
with all these fables
we waged war by making ourselves
incapable-women need more legalisation
to ensure our reparations
this is not about equality
women fight for supremacy
but like a woman we play the sheep
Oh please big strong man come save me!
Save the women
destroy the world
please stop stealing empowered girls
let them grow up big and strong
can we undo
what feminist got wrong?

Alpha female

I am just a woman
look at all I’ve done
more in twenty years
then you’ve done in one
haven’t had a lot of time
but what I’ve had
I’ve called mine
and when the stories over
I won’t die.
I am just a woman
I’ve got plenty of faults
but one thing I pride
is picking myself up
I am a woman
and I get what I want
not because of chromosomes
or out of sexist privileged luck
no I get what I want
because I do for myself
I am a woman who has earned
my shares and wealth.
I am woman
and I don’t have to roar
I walk into a room
and all the eyes on me
I’m not a lioness
I’m the fucking hyena queen.


I don’t need your victimhood
I don’t need your help
I have waged my own way
while you played with yourself.
Parade about equality
when all you want is
the power, the man, the wedding ring-
life that’s fair to femininity-
while you destroy
the enemy?
I don’t need your victims tale
I don’t need your progress
I have waged a war in kind
to end the world you promised
protest all you want
but never do define
you are exactly
the very stereotypes
you mime.
Broken little girls
all you do is whine-
imagine all the trauma,
nightmares are your bribe,
scream until you’re crying
then say it’s all their fault
but never actually fight for change
just hold another woman’s march.


Here we are now
and there they go
the women now pay
for what they sowed
reaping loneliness
and dying alone.
Crying into pillows
where’d the men go
got your “empowerment”
but still you go to bed solo.
What’d you expect to happen
while you blasted all intentions?
Turned nice guys into rapist
and romance to assault
but still you want the wedding gown
yes you want it all.
Yet, the abused often wake up
and our boys they’ve had enough
what’s left for you to sift through
when the men have called your bluff?

League of their own

Let them play!
Take gender out of the game-
if you want equality
then practice until you win-
no dick, no cunt,
should ever change your chances-
isn’t equality the premise
of your actions?
Let them play-
take gender out of games!
If there’s no difference
then just let them play;
no difference between the sexes
women and men just the same
all this fits your rhetoric-
the manifestos of feminist schtick
anything you can do-they can’t do better-
so aren’t segregated sports teams
sexist in and of themselves?