Opening the trunk she finds pastel sweaters-Easter wear. She’s not exactly pleased with any of this, but she grabs a blue one and closes the trunk. She’s extremely uncomfortable and it shows. In front of the full mirror see can’t shake it from her smile-she’s dying.
First of all she’s not a dress girl and when she does partake it’s certainly not in a sundress. Which, certainly wouldn’t be in white-or rather, eggshell.
She begins making faces in the mirror. Sticking out her tongue and bulging her eyes just so she can laugh a bit. The blue sweater goes about her shoulders, heavy, but once secure she fixes her bow. Yes, her hair has a pretty ribbon in it tied in a bow to make up for the short hair. At least that’s why-mother insisted.
She runs hands down her stomach hating how she looks like her mother. If it wasn’t for the purple hair it’d almost be like looking at her picture. They have the same face, same eyes, and nose. She thinks still gazing at her features but-I’m nothing like her.
She should get downstairs, but she can’t get her feet to move. Her mind wanders while staring at her face I’m not going to end up like this… oh man… I do look pretty though. She frowns. She does look rather fetching, and for a moment she wonders if her feet won’t move because of fear. She shakes the thought away exiting-defiantly.
When she joins the party her sisters beckon her, each holding glasses of brandy, eyes glowing with glee. The children had started the egg hunt. They exchange kisses and pleasantries while watching them. Her nieces and nephews laugh frantically, all so amused and for a moment having purple hair feels rather-foolish.

Breaking and entering

Tonight we find ourselves with dear little Madison. Her pretty little head filled with sugar plums as she snoozes delicately on her pillow. Our girl doesn’t hear the window break, but she stirs. Her breathing slows the blankets crumple at her waist as she finds herself on her back. Deep breath in, her chest rises, something isn’t right. There’s a creak-it’s the third step. Is Ari home? Madison wonders as she makes her way to consciousness.“Shit!” it’s said under breath-it’s not Ari. Madison’s eyes fly open-it’s not Ari! Heart pounding she’s forgotten where the bat is. It’s right behind her door, but she’s not thinking clearly.
He’s on the final step. Her room is to his right. “The diving knife” she gasps reaching under the bed, hands meet sheath, as the doorknob begins to turn.
Deep breath Madison this bad man is coming in! Her eyes already adjusted to the dark narrow as she pulls the knife to her side “get out” she growls firmly, he laughs seeing her on the bed immediately undoing his zipper. Wrong move! Leaping towards him she strikes with the butt of the knife screaming wildly “I warned you!” again and again the butt falls she’s not sure where all she sees is red. “this is my house! My house! And you’ve ruined it! You ruined MY SAFETY!” again and again she strikes he’s on the floor now trying desperately to cover his bleeding dome. “This is my home! Mine! You don’t fucking belong her!” hot tears stream down her face, she feels nothing, but rage. Madison, sweet, sweet Madison seethes seeing nothing, only feeling, feeling the need to protect. To live. To get rid of this intruder at all cost. He can’t flee, but she doesn’t know. He tries to push her off his arm meeting the naked flesh of her abdomen-wrong move bandit boy.
She turns the knife, the metal sings, our lady roars and everything is painted in wanna be theif blood. Breathing heavy her face dripping with his life “I warned you. This was my home, mine.” Tears mix with the blood as uniformed men run up the stairs Ari visible behind them. A neighbor saw him enter and called. There was no time. “I told him to get out” she says numbly as a blanket falls onto her shoulders the blood mingling with the fabric.
The officers stare down at the body “I’d call this excessive-” the words stop as Ari reveals a dozen or so bills held in an obsidian clip. “Get the body out of here, woman was in the right.”
Staring into nothing our girl Madison nods slightly mouthing with a faint smile I warned you.

She sings

In the quiet silence of the sewers below she sings, our porcelain FREAK. On an island of filth dressed in her finest robes, her teardrops echo-drip, drip, drip. Everything is pitch, but her voice lights the way. Her siren song filling the tunnels, calming and exciting the vermin. Footsteps. Sloshing in the sick wet footsteps after getting louder. Her painted smile cracks a bit as her haunting melody continues.
Our girl is lonely-empty even-as the cold, deep chill of the underneath consumes her. A light shines above her-a halo wrapping the island and our doll in a golden glow. In the darkness all you see is her. She sings. The sound a spiritual terror that begs the soul to follow. The footsteps abide.
What our doll doesn’t know is they aren’t answering her siren’s call. Not that she would mind.
Her empty song continues traveling through the filth as an angel’s cry. The steps becoming more rapid, faster and faster they slosh-only one, but here he comes.
“Honey?! Honey daddy’s coming!“ the man screams running knee high in fecal water his eyes glazed in false hope. “Is that you? Baby-I’m here!” the man is crying-tears of joy run down his face. The song doesn’t even penetrate his ears-no tonight Porcelain sings to no one.
No matter, black eyes widen as our girl begins to salivate-she’s so lonely. The man is almost at the halo. Her hand rises to her delicate chin “daddy’s here-baby-daddy’s here!” arms fling open as he reaches her island once he reaches the island he falls. Slamming into compact filth he crawls to our robed beauty “daddy… daddy found you” he’s smiling-blinded by hope he stares up into her dead, black eyes. The song stops.
This isn’t his little girl.
In one swift motion Porcelain removes her face revealing true darkness as he is frozen, gazing into the empty cavity. He screams, but there is no sound the emptiness consumes all. His eyes die as all hope leaves him and the darkness consumes. She’s lonely-so very lonely. The halo disappears, the sewers return to black as she sings.


He’s talking at her again explaining what she already knows. His mouth is moving in slow motion and all his words turn to static. She wants to slap him, but she won’t. She’s thinking very loudly in her head this is my job y’know!? I mean who does he think he is telling me the basics of-oh my god! Did he really just tell me what would improve my output!? He did-he fucking did! Her internal dialogue continues as her eyebrows begin to twitch this is the second time today someone with a penis decided to tell her what to do, how to do it, and why. Like she doesn’t already know.
He smiles at her “So we good?” he ask, “I mean about the marked items-everything else is perfect,” her eyes are piercing daggers through him, but she continues to smile warmly, “like seriously Jessica It’s beautiful work overall.”
Overall?! She’s biting her tongue-still smiling, “Thanks Herald I’ll get it in right away” he looks confused, but hands over the paperwork-her paperwork.
He pats her on the shoulder, inside she screams “Alright I’ll leave you to it.” Then he sees his buddy, Paul. Waving at him he begins to leave then turns back “Thanks again Jessica!” she smiles and waves her lips sealed.
Are you fucking kidding me? Oh god what a dickbag she’s looking over the paperwork as she walks back to her desk. She doesn’t see anything as she moves precariously on heels-she hates work attire. On her way she bumps into a cabinet and the doorway, seeing nothing-but red check marks-his red check marks. He’s only been here two months longer than me-and I’ve been here three fucking years! Oh and that’s wrong-really no no it isn’t and-and-oh what a stupid dick!
At her desk she’s reading over every mistake, scoffing at the idea that they are in fact mistakes. All the while her delicate manicured fingers are working the mouse to reprint-no edits needed. Clearly.
Her office mates walk in-he’s flirting with Sandra again. Of course. Jessica Is still looking at her paperwork, but she’s listening to every inappropriate thing they say. They should just fuck already mentally she sighs. “Welcome back” she’s smiling but still looking over the red checks, a sort of tertiary victory lap because again nothing is wrong. “How was lunch?” she doesn’t really care.
Sandra smiles at her throwing a wad of crumpled paper at Jacob “great-we gotta go smoke” Jessica nods putting down her work ignoring the play fighting that had begun.
Pulling a cigarette and lighter from her desk drawer “I’ll meet you there gotta turn in the weekly report” she then shuts down her desktop standing to leave noticing that Jacob was nearly on top of Sandra’s desk shooting staples at her.
Laughing holding her own supplies in one hand and swatting at Jacob with the other Sandra manages “alright mee-ah stop it!” laughter turns to startled giggles as his tactics change to a rubber band scare “-out there. I’m gonna get you-” the noise fades quickly as Jessica moves toward the printer.
Her items are the only on the tray so it’s a quick trot to the inbox. We’ll see who’s needing improvement after Barbara looks at it, she’s thinking as she places both versions in the box, the edits under her own, an easy mistake that results in her knowing Herald’s thoughts in the matter.
She then heads to the parking lot. The last haven for the few remaining smokers in the building. Sandra, remarkably, is already there and had just finished lighting her slim. “O-M-G!” she exclaims as Jessica comes into sight thinking Sandra honey you are too old to say that! “You’ll never believe what jerkface told me at lunch!” she begins immediately to describe the outing. They go to the mall, they picked the pizza place, they got in line and so forth.
Jessica nods and smiles appropriately taking long slow drags from her cigarette. She’s thinking of how long it’ll take Barbara to get back to her and wondering what time it is. If it’s close enough to supervision she’d just do it then.
“Can you believe it?” Sandra ask, the crows feet that decorate her eyes all, but shift direction.
Jessica’s full attention returns to her, “Of course I can! Especially with how he was acting when you guys got back” she takes a chance with that reply not fully remembering what was said.
“I know right!” Sandra’s all smiles-Jessica got it correct this time. She usually does, she’s thinking this smiling smugly as Barbara pops up.
She’s not suppose to interrupt the smoke breaks, but she always does “are we doing supervision?” she’s smiling so everything is okay it would seem.
“Yes, I’ll be right there” Jessica is thinking horrible thoughts, but she smiles. Putting out her cigarette and palming the trash she follows her supervisor inside Sandra having given the nod goodbye. Whelp guess it was later than I thought Jessica makes it to her office then drops the burnt bud into her trash thinking she’ll love that.
Barbara is fiddling with papers of all sorts before putting them down in the chaos of her desk, pulling out the paperwork-Herald’s corrections on top. “Thanks for joining me” she’s being condescending, but Jessica’s used to this.
“Sorry had a long talk with-”
“Herald I’m assuming” she’s smiling ever so sweetly, but her voice is rather harsh.
“Yes I-”
“I’m confused. I’m really confused Jessica I find you smoking outside after getting both of these things” she places the corrections besides the clean printout “I mean you didn’t do anything with it and I can’t understand why” her face is still sweet, but her tone makes Jessica want to scream.
She’s thinking rapid fire of what to say screaming inside are you fucking serious!? Are you for real right now? Like-what the fuck! “well, um, you see I wasn’t really sure what he meant by everything and he wasn’t clear in the talk we had” she swallows Barbara nods for her to continue “so Sandra and I went to smoke so I could clarify things-y’know when we go out there it’s usually work related so-”
Barbara stops her and begins to explain the red check marks, her tone is softer now much, more appealing. Jessica is still furious thinking are you fucking serious right now?! Like what the hell you know I’m right-you know I’m right-goddamn bitch just because you want to suck his dick-ugh I can’t believe it-why do I work with such idiots!


His lips melt over hers-not in that pleasant way. She’s breathing in his cheap cologne thinking she wants to go home, but he’s got his hand on her thigh. Her hands are getting numb as they dangle from his shoulders, but she’s not really concerned with touching him. His tongue enters her lips, and she returns the favor. Grabbing his hair she bucks her hips toward him thinking maybe things will go faster, though, she doesn’t want sex.
Maybe, maybe she’s thinking she’ll give him some head. Now her mind races to how sexy she is-she’s been told she gives the best head. His hands are up her shirt, a flash of cold then off it goes. He’s all over her. Though he’s pawing at her bra like a dog-suits the way he kisses. He’s moved on to removing her pants, but that’s alright she’s teasing him after all. Though she wonders why it’s always the girl who ends up naked first?
He’s kissing her neck now while she passively plays with his hair. He’s just slobbering. She pushes her breast toward his face giggling while wrapping her legs around his waists. He’s so into me right now the thoughts are like music as she begins to rotate those hips. His hands are busy undoing his pants. While his attention lapses she starts thinking about his beard-she doesn’t like beards. And she doesn’t like his nose now that she’s actually looking at it. His lips hit her tummy rubbing that gross beard on her skin, she giggles, but doesn’t move. He’s going down kissing her lightly as his hands slowly work her panties down
She takes off her bra while he navigates her limp legs working the underwear out of the equation. Before he can resume anything she reaches for his shirt breathing sensually “fair is fair”. He swallows hard. She’s such a tease!
He then smashes into her face, kissing her hard, but basically proving once again that he’s a dog. At least now she can can feel his abs!
She’s almost giddy until he begins to kiss her ear the sound almost deafening. She squirms. He grunts-he thinks he’s done a good thing. So he dares to whisper “will you suck my cock?”
Her eyes widen “what?” she gasp “how dare you!” pushing him off with both her hands and feet “get out!” she jumps up off the coach. She grabs her shirt to cover herself and screams “get out pig!” throwing his pants and shirt at him she doesn’t notice his confusion. Even if she did she wouldn’t care-how dare he just assume she’d give him anything!
He’s frantically throwing clothes on while she glares, breathing heavily while trying to maintain cover with a shirt far too small. “Woah-I’m-I’m sorry” he stammers wanting nothing more than to be out of this situation. Pants still undone he’s moving toward the door his shirt over his head, he’s struggling.
The struggles kinda cute she thinks shaking her head and doing the shirt too assist him.
When it pops over his head she’s smiling “don’t be such a gross pig next time” opening the door for him, she giggles “call me later”