Hard work

They say they work hard
and maybe they do
but do you believe
you owe them to
like you paid in advance
and after the meal
didn’t get a whole plate
but you paid for the feels
they say they work hard
and maybe they do
but if you pay double
what is the truth
do they deserve more
or are you a fool
pay for the performance
but they don’t perform for you
stifled creativity sorry ass excuses
is this entertainment
or a house of useless muses

The rapture

Listen to the rapture
of very delicate things
the kind that are expensive
living mostly in your dreams
the items that you covet
the ones you really need
listen to the angels
selling virtue to the thieves
delicate and beautiful
they take you to your knees
the items that you dream about
bring serenity
listen to the rapture
it tells you of your end
how beautiful the death will be
when you’ve spent your last cent