Tired of moving

I’m tired of not mattering
I’m tired of feeling cold
I’m tired of the moments loved
beginning to grow cold
I’m tired of the pattern
you refuse to see
I’m tired of being branded
framed for being me
I’m tired of the loneliness
that builds within my heart
I’m tired of being tired
it’s such an exhausting art
I’m tired but I’m not moving
I think I’ll remain right here
nothing to be done about it
nothing will change I fear


Everything is to damn hard
nothing makes sense
it’s just too much
I don’t want to be so caught up
I don’t want to be so confused
frustrated because I don’t understand
living in this world is just so bad
breathing would be a chore if I
I confronted this choice of mine
everything is just so hard
can’t make it the struggle is wrong
everything is living life
I’m too tired man I’m too high
can’t function it’s just not right
I let myself go and that’s just fine
is it living if I’m not alive?