I believe in the war on women

There is a war on women
we’ve erased them all
taught little girls there’s no one
in history that is strong
we’ve forgotten women
erased them with our hate
teaching little girls
that the man
has kept us caged
that all we’ve ever done
is birth children and kept house
that there’s never been no women
who’ve done it for themselves
that feminist have given
women all our rights
that they keep fighting for freedom
while the rest of us become wives
there is a war on women
driven by the feminist
who’ve erased histories strong women
and replaced it all with myth
erased Moms Mabley
and replaced her with nothing
feminist rewrite history
so women forget to breathe
there’s never been strong female comics
all because of men
except when you remember
Moms did it all before
she kept it going for her lifetime
even in old age
she kept that stage in stitches
but so many forget her name
there is a war on women
so little girls should do their research
find the strong women
that exist throughout our history
you can start with Moms Mabley
and then maybe you’ll find more
it really isn’t difficult
when you fight back in this war.

History within skin

Spanish skin got that Mexican
got that little girl looking white as sin
skin like snow hair like ash
this little Latina got that Spanish pass
Spanish skin breeds hate within
as nobody knows what lane she in
little Snow White so beautiful
her skin the crux of every joke
she don’t belong-no family
she comes from the ground
she grew from weeds
everybody mad they don’t know history
this little Mexican with the Spanish skin
she got rejected from being born in
stripped her of heritage-the original sin
left her to the wolves thought nothing of it.

When the group turns upon itself

When your group
turns on you
whatever will you do?
I’d suggest politely
you should ask a bi or two
see we know how it feels
to be told you are not real
to be told your existence
is harmful
to inclusion and progress
to be told your sexuality
is a fad at very best
we know what it feels like
to be victims of violence
when the perpetrator is
at a safe place you invest in
we know what it feels like
to be completely erased
to have the mother of pride
be overthrown and displaced
we can tell you simply
it’s just a way of life
you do all kinds of good work
but still have to fight to survive
just stiffen that upper lip
and turn to those you love
trust not just the label
but whoever holds you up
bisexuals know the power
in forming your own home
whether in the LGB community
or out there all alone.
So when the group betrays you
ask a bi how to rebuild
just one who hasn’t fallen
to loud minority rule.

Ode to bisexuals

Ode to bisexuals
who are never harmed
by stereotypes
or jokes taken too far.
To the ones
who don’t notice the hate
in your stare
for not noticing
the disdain in the air.
Ode to bisexuals
the picky and proud
to the ones who play stereotypes
and the ones who aren’t bound.
Ode to bisexuals
who don’t get harassed
though what you’ve been through
should be defined as that.
Ode to bisexuals
the erased and abused
to all of those who
have been beaten and used.
To the ones the community
just up and forgot
unless they remember to fling
hate at our lot.
To the ones who have loved, lived
and have thrived.
To the ones who
didn’t make it out alive.
Ode to bisexuals
who believe in themselves
no matter what the rest say
you know you’re valid as well
never forget that your stories matter.
Ode to bisexuals
and always remember:
you aren’t gay enough-
you don’t even have to try,
no passing privilege-
you are just bi, bi, bi.

Matter cannot be destroyed

Over and over again
the stories rewritten
and then
the females cry out
it’s them!
Over and over again.
We don’t make time to remember
in the forties women knew better
you fight through the walls-
don’t let’em
forget who you are-a woman
who broke through the door;
gold miners, and lawyers
and more
there were female chiropractors,
dynamite tester, and CEOs
and this was decades ago!
Oh, where did Arlene Francis go?
Over and over again
but these type of women are dead
the idea they even existed
feminist have erased by