Wedding bells are ringing
and we are all alone
no one comes to witness
the falling of the snow
we have been abandoned
don’t know what we’ve done
wedding bells are ringing
and no one’s here to hear
as all my joy spills over
all our love forever untouched
we are all alone here
but just you is enough

Down deep

don’t think
don’t speak
just keep it silent
keep your lips shut
don’t think about it
it won’t be enough
the blue bells whistle
and then they stop
don’t know how to get it off
like a cold rain on hot day
on the sidewalk
stop and think change
don’t forget to breathe
but don’t ever speak
keep those lips shut
keep the thoughts
down deep


The bluest black you ever did see
that cat it barks like bad poetry
it sings with strings it makes no sound
walking with hands paws to the ground
we ask why expecting no answer
we don’t want to listen
this time or after
we make decisions like others write sin
take in the smoke so we might just live
the bluest black sky the sun’s ever seen
under the water our skin dried unclean
the pleasure we fell from a knife in the neck
we wonder why things aren’t different
but we ask the fish flying at night
if we could change make this thing right
giving opinions like water to air
the lungs may breathe it in
but the ears choke on fluff
words keep on speaking
but it’s just not enough

Flowers wither

Flowers burn and wither
ash becomes the feather
the rainbow made of glass
no color just clear mass
black and white
and deeper grays
the smoke shows brilliant
signs of decay
everything that breathes
will burn
burn to ash and then nothing
all your words they no longer speak
flowers burn and turn to dust
when life is done
have you had enough?