Scorched earth

I scorch the earth my darling
leave the air aflame
I’ll salt the ground you walk on
just to improve my day
if you are the problem
there’s no reason for me to stay
I’ll burn the bridges manically
leave little to no sign
you’ll remember my face honey
I won’t forget the time
but everything is ashes now
or so soon it’ll be
I scorch the earth my darling
don’t ever get the bad side of me

If you need me

If you need me
I won’t be there
just a reminder
I ain’t nowhere near
I left the bottles
empty on your floor
got myself out
left from the front door
got drunk off rage
left you behind
if you need me
I won’t be there
grown to weak
for this woman to care
if you got problems
I suggest you solve them
it gets cold
when nobodies there

Melt my soul

Goodbye my darling
it’s time for me to go
don’t cry my darling
your tears could melt my soul
I know that your hurting
that’s why I have to leave
goodbye my lover
please forget about me
it’s time for me to go now
time to say goodbye
I don’t want to hurt you
I no longer want to lie
goodbye my dearest darling
don’t cry for me tonight
your tears could melt my snow
drown everything we figured out
stop ourselves from growth


She said she loved me
right before she walked away
like I was ten feet in the grave
but thought I’d be okay
she said I meant the world to her
thought she was an honest girl
but the world meant very little
very little or so it would seem
she said she loved me
then walked away without me
holding onto lust abounding
all those thoughts consume so loudly
she wanted him this time so proudly
walked away this time without me
said she loved me but I doubt it
just another one she counted

Smoke it down

Smoke it down right now and see
we can’t bring the things that gleam
that dry the tides and sow the seeds
smoke it down and drown the dreams
keep the water from the heat
the steam that rises we can’t breathe
smoke it down
and take the pills
dream the dreams that save the world
bring the overwhelming heat
blast the sun the soul is weak
smoke it smoke it smoke it now
the clouds that cover break the ground
the earth is ending
the women have died
the man from the moon has left them dry
we can’t bring the things that shine
gleaming in the sad moonlight
hide the vest that holds you in
unlock the collar and smoke the rim
the edge of where it all began
the start of endings all too sad

Forgotten call

Don’t call me family
I don’t need the trust
don’t need the trouble
that comes with us
don’t call me ever
not anymore
I don’t need to wind up
back on the floor
don’t need the trouble
don’t want the pain
don’t call me family
I’ve changed my name
moved on from forgotten
from mourning the rain
don’t call me now
not after you forgot
to let me back in
before everything’s lost
you never did call me
or send me a text
when he had died
I knew by pain in the chest

The breath of strings

Harps are playing once again
stories of what’s never been
a dream once thought
never gone
the harps are playing
playing memories in song
every note it’s own meaning
melodies often deceiving
everything will go to bed
close their eyes
never to breathe again

Flowers wither

Flowers burn and wither
ash becomes the feather
the rainbow made of glass
no color just clear mass
black and white
and deeper grays
the smoke shows brilliant
signs of decay
everything that breathes
will burn
burn to ash and then nothing
all your words they no longer speak
flowers burn and turn to dust
when life is done
have you had enough?