Bitter truth

And now I come to the sad truth
life goes on and we renew
we find new joy
we find new love
some days it feels like
you aren’t gone
and now I see it clear as day
the pain in life still remains
beautiful and ever bitter
the sourness is something sicker
I find happiness again and again
and then I cry and mourn the end

Means more to me

I have my memories
nothing else means much to me
I didn’t hold on to your hand
but I remember well that we
enjoyed each other’s company
never really understood
what the other said
but I have memories
that tell me I knew well
nothing else means much to me
except where I have been
memories of what we have done
before the bitter end

At the end

I’m the one you thought of
in your last bad dream
the monster in your closet
the one that you can’t see
you feel me on your lips
and feel me in your skin
the flesh that burns so hollow
let my games begin
I’m the one you thought of
when the fear did come
it burned you to your core
and now my job is done
you won’t forget the fire
or lose touch of fear
I’m the one you thought of
when your time comes near

The characters

The characters
they get real quiet
don’t know much
I’m undecided
can’t pick up the pen
I’m so divided
on what I should do
and what I want
wish I could
just blow it off
but the characters
they drive the plot
through undo silence
threaten with
forgetful violence
the kind that kills
like an eraser
threatens to die
or forget the players
end the story
without an ending
they get real quiet
and they don’t grow
the story ends
without a show

Screaming and dreaming

Screaming and dreaming
that this will all now end
the river of blood
that it has been pretend
that every pain and cut
that we have suffered
is just another nightmare
existing under covers
screaming and dreaming
of something than the other
every bit of malcontent
the dreams of cowards
years we spent
and now it ends with this
screaming in the decadence

House upon the hill

In the house upon the hill
the world it stops
it never will
but nothing moves upon that hill
the house adorned but rusted still
the people live in solitude
though surrounded it does no good
upon the hill they wait till death
dust upon shoulders words all spent
in the house upon the hill
the world escapes them and unveils
underneath their shattered shells
the dead are lonely and unwell
in the house upon the hill
the family dies the dust it fell


The comfort in the choice I have
the comfort that disgust
if I want to not exist all I do is thrust
press a little deeper or simply drink too much
a passive suicide or aggressive thank you done
the comfort that I find in this
is the choice is mine
I don’t have to think about the sorrows or goodbye
I can just take one breath admit I’m out of time
forget the rest and dump the gift
it’s all a matter of mine
so I admit I mustn’t trip I merely serpentine
the thought it comes and then it goes
running through my mind
to know I have the final say
the decision always mine
a lick of control and wouldn’t you know
I’m living still kept breathing
in a world of chains at least I know I’m fleeting