By design

Mirrors by design
reflecting what you hide
drown in pills tonight
always by your side
twist the hair of fate
kiss the empty grave
say it’s all okay
and lie again and again
mirrors by design
reflecting the moonlight
from eyes that open wide
forget the silver inside
irises at midnight
bloom and show the fold
breaking down the mirrors
reflections all grown old

Never known

Broken bones are twisted
quite beyond reprieve
as she sits and listens
to the sounds beneath
the burden always listening
always dreaming through her teeth
wondering what became of
the mother she thought she’d be
broken bones are twisted
they have not healed with time
her brittle bones all missing
the will to finish growth
she sits in the old attic
pretending she knows how to sew
she gives things away like presents
but they never take them down
no her bones are so twisted
they never think they’ll be found out
the burden always listens
to the sounds from below
as she mourns the life she’s missing
the life she could have had
but never known

Playing video games

Life is dull
so full of make believe
I play games to live
instead of entertaining
life is full
of me being selfish
so in my video games
I wanna be selfless
a different kind of hero
a different kind of me
doesn’t even matter
this games not RPG
open world or meant for
for you to be the hero
life is rather boring
when life amounts to zero

Stone days

everything I do
a joke for what
no one consumes
a portrait
of desperate be
a broken doll
American poetry
and obvious
lack the list
to kick the trick
the dragon flying
the pen is dying
words that fail
meaningless prevail
for every win
for every loss
the meaning of
a pointless cost.