Dinner for two

Cornered but unafraid
I’ll sink my teeth in your flesh again
take a bite and spit it out
don’t know how this taste so round
you’re full of flavor with nice texture
cornered me but I dine with pleasure
I’ll taste your throat and suck your eyes
think I’m afraid but I’m starving inside
need to fill myself when you
the rotten flesh you try to soothe
I’m in a corner but unafraid
I’ll sink my teeth in once again
and when it’s over you’ll have no flesh
I’ll eat you down to the bone my friend


Out of the back of the head come the maggots
eating away at still living dead flesh it’s tragic
you cannot see them for lack of real sight
insects have come eaten out your eyes
and everything happens so very slowly
as your eaten alive truly and wholly
out of the back of the head come the maggots
truly they fester from your greatest habit
thinking too much and overheating the head
can’t lay back down can’t find the bed
just sit in that chair in that dirty little kitchen
as every piece of flesh is eaten so very delicious

Sorrow becomes flesh

Suffocating sadness
mind taken over madness
this time we hit a wall
thought we had it all
this is why it hurts so much
it suffocates the lungs
the heart ain’t having fun
we lost our senses numb
we wonder what went wrong
watching all along
as dogs feed off the corpses
as vultures circles closely
we show a sign of weakness
a sign that we to be defeated
they’ll eat us while we’re living
bleed us make us sing
suffocating sadness
madness our new home
sorrow that becomes flesh
leaves one lost and so alone

When hunger fades

Empty stomach cramps and sings
tells me all about dying
how it feels and where we’ll go
if and when starvation grows
food I need-I’m not recovered
yesterday I ate like normal
now my mouth is dry and closed
if it opens no one really knows
I can’t swallow hardly breathe
death plagues my thoughts
oh woe is me
dramatic to say I can’t eat
though honest to God I’m too weak
crying while I struggle to chew-can’t eat
empty stomach cramps and sings
looking at a full plate I’m dying
looking at a full plate mouth goes dry
looking at a full plate my stomach
goes quiet.