Ashes and dust to dust
break out the family trust
broken yet once again
cast me around the bend
can’t breathe can not scream
can’t sleep can not keep
my dreams all but lean
fodder for the saddest things
ashes and dust to dust
break out the things that rust
golden and all but broken
there it is a lot of nothing


so often token
lost in a sea of gold
I’ve been on both sides darling
but I don’t think that you know
I got my lace dress on
and I got that heart that shines
you think I’m made from nothing
you got tears in your eyes
I’ve been out in the dust cloud
I’ve weathered plenty of storms
here in your garden honey
I know my worth is torn
I’ve been the token body
poor girl that’s given more
I got lost in the diamonds
thought I could make the grade
but when you cut the cards baby
I’m the one that don’t get play
broken so often token
lost in that sea of gold
oh man my number’s spoken
you got the worth I don’t

What you bring

Tear apart the tattered pieces
broken now no longer needed
a dream or two you cannot spare
no need to think we can’t repair
just tear apart what’s been shattered
grind it down into fine powder
blow the dust away with time
it’s been quite broken this heart of mine
tear apart these shattered pieces
what’s been broken is no longer needed
so say goodbye to the dust now gone
tear apart what you brought along.

House upon the hill

In the house upon the hill
the world it stops
it never will
but nothing moves upon that hill
the house adorned but rusted still
the people live in solitude
though surrounded it does no good
upon the hill they wait till death
dust upon shoulders words all spent
in the house upon the hill
the world escapes them and unveils
underneath their shattered shells
the dead are lonely and unwell
in the house upon the hill
the family dies the dust it fell