By design

Mirrors by design
reflecting what you hide
drown in pills tonight
always by your side
twist the hair of fate
kiss the empty grave
say it’s all okay
and lie again and again
mirrors by design
reflecting the moonlight
from eyes that open wide
forget the silver inside
irises at midnight
bloom and show the fold
breaking down the mirrors
reflections all grown old

The rivers edge

At the rivers edge
pray for death again
as the waters rise
begging for the end
drown the world in tears now
sorrow for the gears
as oil keeps them turning
the river all but bends
drown the soul in water
bring it up from depths
as the mountains vanish
I’m praying for the end
for lungs to burst in malice
for flowers all but red
drown the world in tears now
pray that you don’t live

Kind of life

Plead with me
drink my bones
take the feed
bring the flood
drown before you know tomorrow
let go of all that real sorrow
drown in liquor and in lies
the kind you tell yourself at night
alone in covers made of glass
plead with me
and drop the act
drink my bones and drown forever
in the misery I take pleasure
plead with me
and know my name
take the drink and drown in time
you’ll never know this kind of life

Singing of

Fading into twilight
dying breath so right
the sweet aroma filling
my lips they twitch the feeling
everything in stars and patterns
dancing into nothing matters
drinking in that sweet cream
the stars that drown into deep
fading into the night
the wrongs they turn so right
dying with no breath
the twilight singing of death

Drank too much

Take the glass
throw the house
drink your home
before you drown
everything is going down
everything is burning now
drop the beat and bleed the blood
take the veins wear the mud
take the oil from the heart
the drink you suffer now departs
everything within that glass
you drank too much and then
you cried
delude the drink with turpentine