All but gone

I’m sitting in the smoke now
drinking from a muggy glass
wondering where it all went wrong
wondering why the good times pass
sitting in this loud deep silence
drowning in the foamy top
sitting in this smoky darkness
almost feels like God forgot
got me thinking I want off
dreaming of that wet beyond
that drip of death
the willow spent
and this dirty glass all but gone


Dancing in the moonlight
waiting for some fun
sitting in the darkness
waiting for the blood
want of something different
something new for once
dancing in the moonlight
I begin to strut
drinking in the darkness
dancing in the blood
droplets on my lips
warm and so much yum
everything is darkness
I cannot yet see
where I will be going
or how I got to sea


stuck again
can’t quite remember when
I let it go and then
took another shot for him
drinking all that smoke right down
drowning sorrows can’t live without
stuck again I’m drunk too soon
can’t get out this afternoon
I’m sick with tears
and tired of sorrows
drinking stuck with bitter tomorrows

Grow it green

Watch it grow in green and black
the weeds you harbor can’t go back
to drink the wine that has turned red
once was purple then it bled
watch it grow and burn and fester
kiss the neck than drink the nectar
turn the tar to that of ash
the oil that remains burns in mass
forever the singing can hear of the choir
watch it grow and then kill it with fire
turn the twisted back to green
kiss the nectar drink the weeds


too much caffeine
got this over me
the drink that tips you over
remorse is growing sober
and wondering why
why I ever got so high
why the ravens drink and sway
sing and rhyme my soul away
rapping on the doors and reeds
talking of unspoken things
trembling my mind goes numb
too much caffeine
too much sun