Pretty little dresses

Pretty little dresses
all done up in lace
couldn’t kill a nothing
couldn’t keep the pace
dancing in ballet shoes
swinging from the gates
pretty little dresses
pretty little face
eyes all done up screaming
never feeling safe
the room is all but porcelain
fragile like my heart
cannot see beyond my hand
my nose is growing thin
pretty little dresses
hiding pretty little sins

Dress impress

Respect your body
respect my eyes
no I guess that isn’t nice
but I don’t want to see
a body dressed so bad
clothes that do not fit
getting eaten by your ass
I don’t want to see it
don’t care if you feel sexy
respect your fucking body
don’t dress so very poorly
clothes are made to fit
fit properly you see
so if they really don’t
it just isn’t meant to be
learn to dress yourself
it’ll build confidence indeed
actually and true
not just in your head
you won’t have to convince yourself
over and over again
you might feel sexy
at least that’s what you say
but if you dressed properly
you’d feel it everyday
no matter what you look like
dress yourself just right
wear the proper clothing
respect your body and my eyes
I’m not really shaming you
the thought is actually rather nice