Blood diamonds

Blood diamonds on the water
in the veins and in the fodder
everything feels tasty good
the kind of thing misunderstood
the taste so sticky sweet in sin
the kind of thing you don’t let in
the kind of craving that kills the buzz
the open ended kind of love
blood diamonds kiss the sky tonight
off the ground the world so bright
as you eat the tasty right
the kind of drink you thought you chewed
blood and gold they drain your youth


Pour the powder in the eye
bleed the wrist ’til arm is dry
burn the hair and pluck the lashes
wish for more time if you haven’t
tear the lips and clean the gums
we will soon be having fun
light the powder with burning hair
take the flesh so unaware
peel it back and drain the fat
the day has come
and you have passed
take the teeth and cook the back
the body gone repurposed at that