Beautiful daydreams

Beautiful daydreams
minimum wage theme
playing presidential
like you bought that credential
like you own that Ferrari
got those dreams on a Harley
so residential
like the streets are paved with gold
got the guitar singing blues out my soul
everybody screaming
like dreamings getting old
sold are the memories
deep is the cotton
picking up the moments
forgotten that I dropped them
beautiful daydreams
themes of a kind
a world that’s beyond me
another whole life

We want it

We want the then now
we want the now then
we want it all at once
so we can play pretend
we want to be so young
so stupid innocent
we want all the knowledge
that lacks with it
we want all or nothing
but everything’s involved
we want the then now
we want the now then
we want everything
all at once
so we can play pretend
we want it now
now before it’s gone
we want it all together
all at once
we want it all
so messed up
we want the then now
we want the now then
we want it all at once
so we can act profound

As we once noticed

Let’s hope it rhymes
let’s hope it’s good at keeping time
let’s hope it looks
looks good in gold and white
let’s not delay
unless we’re tired and we can
let’s go for broke
instead of going with the band
let’s take of rules and when they don’t apply
let’s read the writing
the writings on walls that are not mine
this is the world
let’s celebrate before we’re gone
let’s hope for curls
let’s forget what we’ve done wrong
let’s drink to us remember we get to have fun
and when it’s over
let’s hope it rhymes as we once noticed

Leaving Neverland

Leaving Neverland behind
never thought the world was blind
all we want to see is dead
looking to the past where we once fled
won’t look into the mirror now
the present demon though is found
dig up what once was lost
the dead will honor all of us
give us some place to escape
remove the present from our brain
listen to the lies instead
the truth is horrid when it lives
leaving Neverland behind
we burn it down this time to find
the demon lives still it breathes
the graves we dug won’t mean a thing
piss on bones to understand
the lies once told we believe again
leaving Neverland behind
means an angel really died
that we have turned our backs to grace
the truth we know we will never face

Just forget about it

Forget the rainy days
and walking through the park
every corners dangerous
every street is dark
the world is overflowing
with evil in strange amounts
we’ve never had these problems
humanity already figured out
how to light the darkness
and do away with crime
pedophiles didn’t exist
until the changing of time
we’d all like to forget
that evils all around
that humans make bad choices
we aren’t very special
are we now?

Simon says

Simon says to play
to play all day and take
take all the me time
remember selfish is not a crime
it’s good to relax and be
yourself no matter the need
the setting or the song
we don’t need to get along
Simon says don’t laugh
don’t think about the bad
look to what we have solved
through tantrums and join the mob
Simon says to make the day
better and special to stay
all safety and joy can be yours
but Simon keeps that last from words.

Everybody knows Ed Buck

Everybody knows
Ed Buck,
everybody knows
what he does,
everybody knows
why he’s free,
the man’s the money
behind the dream.
Everybody knows
Ed Buck
West Hollywood staple
what luck
he preys on black men
gets them hooked on meth
and when they die
everybody knows
Ed Buck.
Everybody knows
this fuck
but he pays to play
until he’s done
tragedy comes at the end
we all know
where the money led.
Everybody knows
Ed Buck
everybody knows
what he does
pays the democrats
then he saves his own ass
another dead meth head
for him to love.
Everybody knows
how this ends
we forget this story
and it begins again
Ed Buck will continue to play
black men in bright light of day.

Between Stefani and Selena

There’s an excuse for everything
a shutdown switch baby
you pull that lever sweet
drop the anvil and we scream
there’s an excuse for everything
working with a man
everyone says was bad
the project purifying
you thought your career was dying
so we blame it on our health
it’s mental just as well
can’t question what I sell
never it’s my trauma that is felt
there’s an excuse for everything
like selling wedding rings
do what you want with my body baby
and sing with a child rapist
I let him in just a little bit
there’s an excuse in this that’s it
blame it on my mental health
the universe is curious this time as well