Just want to sleep

I just want to sleep
so tired don’t want to eat
lurking underneath my bed
I keep myself there instead
the sheets they are my covers
transparent I discover
every dream is broken
shattered from the smoke
and every time it breaks
we make ten more mistakes
I just want to sleep
sleep and never weep
the dreams won’t come again
I’m lost and dead my friend


I am in discovery
broken like the mend
bending over backwards
always drinking in the head
I am lost in firelight
burned by what is bitter
likened to the wisest
ever drunk now off the cinders
I am in discovery
breaking from the free
keep myself in bondage
until the end will come to me
bending over backwards
dying by the feet
hang me in the silence
broken by the sea

Blood heirs

Take what you will
take what you can
before you discover
who I really am
before you see me
me as a threat
before you are begging
begging to forget
take what you will
take what you want
drop all the context
say what you got
are you looking
for a new shot
a way to make bullets
drip from my heart
take what you will
take what you want
before you discover
the wars I have fought
you don’t belong here
here where we stand
standing as family
you rip from my hand
take what you will
it’s all that I am
speak with context
say what you want
tell the whole world
its you they should want