Didn’t know truth
didn’t know what’s real
didn’t even know if
I could even feel
numb to the pain yes
numb to the screams
I wanted to die but
never knew the need
didn’t know the truth
didn’t know what real was
didn’t know in my youth
what was normal because
I didn’t know the truth
about being human
no one ever told me
I was just left musing
a child being lied to
and making things up
just to make sense of it
normals enough

The clock tower

The tragedy of growth
is taken under oath
the liability
of gardening the weeds
plucking all the roses
killing time of soldiers
breaking all the watches
make sure that they’re stopping
dropping from the rooftops
the melody is ruthless
toothless and unused if
you can find excuses.

Fountain of youth

They learn so fast
move so quickly
they know the map
they just turned fifteen
we let them run
run before they crawl
don’t know their feet
but they’ll do no wrong
confused and emotional
they learn through error
but with no experience
success looks like a failure
they learn so fast
and fill in the blanks
when children don’t grow up
their minds don’t age

All pleasantries

Burn the letters and the games
break the table and the frames
shame the self that swore to this
gave into ignorance
and ultimately bliss
the happiness that comes from
only pain
the dreams in the head
the urge to pray
burn all the letters
forget what they say
everything glitters until it decays

Forming of flesh

Bones, broken tired bones
we are lost and don’t know
have nothing no way to go
we got drunk this time for show
give it up and let it know
that it’ll be dead this time tomorrow
the truth of it ain’t hard to swallow
you’ll be gone and it’ll be sorrow
that grows instead of weeds and ash.

Below the mirror

I’ve seen the light
behind the eyes
I’ve known were mine
I see the truth
the burn beneath
the wood
I know my face
better than if I could see
I’m not displaced
though this wreckage is me
I am bereft of honesty
when worlds begin to form
I’ve seen the light
behind all I was before
the thorny bloom
the wounded flower
all my petals;
blades and swords
I’ve been the poison
the toxic spore
sweet as honey
and red like wine
I’ve seen the light
beneath all that’s mine
I see the truth
behind my eyes
mirrors shattered
I divined everything
I pushed in rhyme
broken drunken all again
I look back at what I’ve been

Petals birthed from thorns

I walked away
found a road
I should’ve known
I took the darkness
made bitterness my home
I am a rose
in thorns only this I know
I’m not a queen
worth innocence
in name or deed
I am the poison
in the tiniest of seeds
I’ve planted toxic
while kissing I find my own
a place like heaven
where I’d no longer be alone
my debts are many
but the price I will absolve
my time is plenty
all I’ve become and much
much more
I’ll bloom with color
burst these petals from
this thorn
I’m still quite deadly
but I know what I want more
I have roots growing
they push deeper
deeper than before
and I’ll grow bravely
brilliant and reassured
that heavens waiting
once I open up that door