Shadows in the closet

The shadows in my closet
the demons under bed
everything is spinning
round inside my head
I cast them all aside
and set this place a sunder
crying all the time
the sound it makes is thunder
the shadows that once lived here
the demons all once placed
burn beneath the ashes
left without their grace

Relaxing things

Blue blossoms and dreams
such nice relaxing things
demons don’t tread
don’t hear the words not said
red is for blood
and purple for the roses
everything is fine here
everything is clear
we float to the sky dear
we float all the way
we won’t come back down
no safety is where we stay
where everything is silence
everything is clear
don’t be speaking lies
don’t be so damn near

Always clean

I don’t want to drink today
I just want to sleep
keep the demons all at bay
keep the monsters clean
never forget the drinks we made
never forget the promises
I don’t want to think today
I just want the moments
life is living in the sky
never waking up
I just want to sleep all day
keep on dreaming on
I just want to dance and play
I just want to sleep
keep the monsters in my mind
never hidden but always clean

The black

You wanna go to the black
to the devil and speak
you wanna conquer the world
never ever be meek
you wanna walk in the shadows
a demon on each arm
you want to roll with the darkness
live life on the cards
but you don’t know the price dear
you don’t know the cost
the price of the darkness
isn’t what you once thought
you think that it’s pretty
until you look at your hands
can’t wash them clean
can’t get out of the black

Where the dark things are

They all want the darkness
like it’s calling out to them
they all want the sickness
the voices in their heads
they all want the crawling
the writhing on the floor
as if it is a good thing
to always want for more
they all want to walk
with fire and with pain
as if they know the darkness
and call it by its name
like midnight is for magic
and the devil for the wronged
as if the dark will save them
and as if the light can’t see
as they lust for demons
when it’s angels that they need

Looking through the skin

A demon lives within me
she wins most every time
not even love can save me
I’m running out of rhymes
nothing in me is pure now
though it may appear that way
everything is darkness
everything is rot
there’s nothing left inside of me
nothing she hasn’t got
a demon lives within me
she’s everything I am
and if I go on living
I must make a stand
I must kill what’s within me
so the demon can never leave
living is so much harder
now that the demons all I see

Wordless mouth

In absence of the truth we find
souls decay they wither and die
for spoken words no longer true
you have lied demons are soothed
in absence of the honest tongue
lips they curl and dry and break
you become the thing you hate
when everything caresses evil
truth becomes the lips upheaval
and then the world starts to decay
the souls have died they’re no saints
in absence of the truth we find
the purest souls no longer mind
and everything breaks down in time
the world becomes the wordless mouth

Bring on the knife

Bring on the knife
let’s cut too deep
we’re all looking to lose sleep
to be afraid of monsters clear
cut that vein the wrist it’s near
bring on the knife
let’s get to the point
you want a story
we all want a drink
bring me the blade
and let’s cut too deep
we’re all looking to lose it
to destroy the high
stay wide awake don’t sleep at night
bring on the knife
burn fear into bones
we like to bleed
and know where to go
how to see the beast
without losing one’s soul
bring on the knife
teach them to bleed
we all want fear to fuel all our dreams