Bleed for me
bleed for me
tell me that you’ll lead me
keep me
love me
color me with cotton candy.
Drink me and teach me
that everything is grey.
I’ll sleep on the floor
just to save the day.
All I really want
is someone just to stay
keep your hand upon me
never will I stray.

(25 August 2017)

Medication Roulette

Do you hear the voices?

Yes? well let’s begin!

We’ll take away your pills

to figure out how weak you are within.

Feeling fine? Let’s disregard

take them down now let’s restart!

We know best how to medicate

and it’s a game we love to play.

Let’s fill your prescription

you’ll love this new pill

we want you to take it

now tell us how you feel!

Do you hear the voices as you’re shaking

in the shower?

Blood sweat and hell bent increase the dosage

every hour!

Do you hear the voices?

Yes? well we took your pills

replaced them with placebos

oh-God! what a fucking thrill!

You want to know how long this will last?

let’s take a look no never mind you can’t ask!

Do you hear the voices?

Do you know your name?

Oh-the wait is over!

Let’s dissect this consumer’s brain!

Do you hear the voices?

No, you wouldn’t anyway,

we took away your pills

now you’re decaying all damn day!

We want to know just what happened

so we’ll dissect away the brain

you’ll never know just how you helped

you’ve given us a raise!

(February 27 2013)