Into the light

System check
it’s all over
no one’s got time
to run for cover
we’ve been watching
the stars fall
pretty lights
they’ll burn us all
system check
then override
if we all die
here tonight
at least we looked
into the light

Learning bed

Stunted by my learning bed
kept so quiet like the dead
trapped inside my heart so rubber
kept myself from drinking covers
death in watch and wait you see
the monster of the lessons keen
stunted by the blood that drips
falls upon such silent lips
trapped inside my rubber heart
not for longing the song forgot

Reality makes

I don’t want dreams
I don’t want things
all that I crave is up sleep
chain me uneven
break me when not needed
keep calling back to you
for reasons
I don’t want nice things
I don’t like pleasant dreams
I just want death to
be kind to me
keep me ever on the rope
tighten my grip on hope
never really let me go
I’m already insane
I don’t want to sleep here
no more dreams near
left for the rear mirror
to see the shadow standing still
keep me out and then fulfill
everything I never asked for
hollowed down and out more
I don’t want no dreams or things
nice enough or broken dreams
I just want the truth today
tell me what reality makes

In the black

I can’t see straight in all the black
the fog has me heading back
can’t get drunk off all these shadows
the lights got my eyes seeing halos
tripping all over myself
the feet I had no longer felt
I can’t see straight in the dim
running faster than the wind
even slow I move no longer
can’t keep me in I must wander
can’t get sleep no matter the trail
I just want to drink the darkness
see the light I always wanted


I sit inside this teacup
boiling off the sugars
the cream upon my skin
dripping off of shoulders
back into the water
sitting on the rim
everything is crystal
while I am porcelain
I sit inside the water
the teacup overflows
everything I am
now we’re in the cold
I sit inside this teacup
and drink myself to death
inside all of me
is all that I have left

The long game

I want out
but the screams mean nothing
keeps people thinking
your brain is wired funny
I want the walls to all collapse
but it’s just a judgment lapse
it’s everything
you never should be into
explorers lie in graves
they never meant to
screams mean nothing in the bedroom
sleep is just another way to pray
when nightmares bring the dreams you crave
anything is better than mundane
the luxury is priced higher than the pay
doesn’t give it back it’s just decay
safety is a trap
a very long game

Cold living

In the cold sunlight
praying for the night
the warmth that comes with death
the time that is well spent
like rain in still dry lands
taking place on paths
that drink your soul and talk
talk of things unseen
the time you take to dream
in the cold sunlight
the warmth of death comes right
please the reaper well
and forget the way
the paths have now turned grey