All but gone

I’m sitting in the smoke now
drinking from a muggy glass
wondering where it all went wrong
wondering why the good times pass
sitting in this loud deep silence
drowning in the foamy top
sitting in this smoky darkness
almost feels like God forgot
got me thinking I want off
dreaming of that wet beyond
that drip of death
the willow spent
and this dirty glass all but gone

Like you use to

I’ve been waiting here for you
don’t know who else to belong to
do I love you yes I do
I’ve been waiting days for you
waiting for you to walk in the door
sing to me darling sing once more
keep me on pins needles and the edge
I’ve been waiting since you’ve been dead
to dream of a moment we’re back in arms
hugging to death remembering charms
I’ve been waiting here so long
life gets tired it keeps moving on
do I love you yes I do
sing to me darling just like you use to

Trouble and strife

Keep breathing
keep staying strong
keep moving on
turning from the face of sun
burn the dark before you’re done
keep breathing
keep sinking straight into the deep
keep drinking and sleeping
within all that ink
and at the end of the page
at the end of your life
you’ll have written more
than mere trouble and strife

Before I go

Take me before I go
drive fast before we slow
wet skin all kinds of dope
take me before I choke
can’t look up now
just like a dog
I remember walking on that log
tripping through the water
skipping stones to get me higher
laughing like a troubadour
the kites in skies they set my fire
burning down what has begun
take me before it’s over
take me before I’m gone