The importance of coffee

Take me out for coffee
make me laugh and smile
talk with me for a while
and then let’s leave
let’s go somewhere so quiet
stop the words just silence
we walk but do not know
where we will go
take me out for coffee
make me laugh a lot
and when we wake
in the morning
don’t forget to brew a pot

She cheated

She cheated
she lied
she said that she loved him
she cheated
she lied
she said she’d always want him
but she ran around
with every boy in town
and left him crying all alone.
Other girls they cheered
it really hurt my ears
to hear all that applause for his tears.
She cheated
she lied
she said that she loved him
and now that he’s gone
she’s taking another
a lover to who she’ll still be untrue
and the other girls cheer her on
they cheer her on yes they do.
She cheated
she lied
she said she’d always want him
but she ran around
and now he’s alone
and the crowd keeps on cheering
the girls are on one side
and I’ve lost my hearing
she cheated
she lied
she treated him badly
but the girls they still cheer
they cheer wild and madly.
She cheated
she lied
and we wonder why boys cry
when we leave
after all the hurt we so sweetly bring.
She cheated
she lied
and the boys they now avoid her
and the girls they wonder why
they no longer adore her
cause she cheated
she lied
she said that she loved them
but she didn’t
and they know it
and now they’re gone.

But she said

She said you’re a bad guy
you don’t let me out at night
you tell me what to do
even though I asked you to
she says she’s really my friend
she don’t really like you man
she says you’re too controlling
that you want me to do your laundry
though you do mine instead
she says you’re not good in bed
but how would she ever know
she’s lying to me so we don’t wed
why are women so different
they don’t hold you down so much
unless they got what they want
they don’t really act so good
not that loyal like you wish they could
and she says you’re a bad man
that I’m too deep to understand
but I don’t know you’re still my plan
and she don’t talk to me anymore
she says I turned into a whore
all our other friends say
I gave her up so I could get laid
now they are gone and single
I made new friends and mingle
with a bunch of successful women
no little girls those games is wicked
we all found our pairs
no matter who they are
these games are fair
she said I should leave you
but now I know the real truth
she was so lonely and scared
she wanted someone else to be right there
misery loves company
it’s why having girlfriends is new to me
they get a bit vicious sometimes
so I found new friends that get my life
she said she hates me now
but I’m not in that crowd
I found new friends who say
they love me no matter my date
they love me cause I knew to stay
that they love me at the end of each day


His lips melt over hers-not in that pleasant way. She’s breathing in his cheap cologne thinking she wants to go home, but he’s got his hand on her thigh. Her hands are getting numb as they dangle from his shoulders, but she’s not really concerned with touching him. His tongue enters her lips, and she returns the favor. Grabbing his hair she bucks her hips toward him thinking maybe things will go faster, though, she doesn’t want sex.
Maybe, maybe she’s thinking she’ll give him some head. Now her mind races to how sexy she is-she’s been told she gives the best head. His hands are up her shirt, a flash of cold then off it goes. He’s all over her. Though he’s pawing at her bra like a dog-suits the way he kisses. He’s moved on to removing her pants, but that’s alright she’s teasing him after all. Though she wonders why it’s always the girl who ends up naked first?
He’s kissing her neck now while she passively plays with his hair. He’s just slobbering. She pushes her breast toward his face giggling while wrapping her legs around his waists. He’s so into me right now the thoughts are like music as she begins to rotate those hips. His hands are busy undoing his pants. While his attention lapses she starts thinking about his beard-she doesn’t like beards. And she doesn’t like his nose now that she’s actually looking at it. His lips hit her tummy rubbing that gross beard on her skin, she giggles, but doesn’t move. He’s going down kissing her lightly as his hands slowly work her panties down
She takes off her bra while he navigates her limp legs working the underwear out of the equation. Before he can resume anything she reaches for his shirt breathing sensually “fair is fair”. He swallows hard. She’s such a tease!
He then smashes into her face, kissing her hard, but basically proving once again that he’s a dog. At least now she can can feel his abs!
She’s almost giddy until he begins to kiss her ear the sound almost deafening. She squirms. He grunts-he thinks he’s done a good thing. So he dares to whisper “will you suck my cock?”
Her eyes widen “what?” she gasp “how dare you!” pushing him off with both her hands and feet “get out!” she jumps up off the coach. She grabs her shirt to cover herself and screams “get out pig!” throwing his pants and shirt at him she doesn’t notice his confusion. Even if she did she wouldn’t care-how dare he just assume she’d give him anything!
He’s frantically throwing clothes on while she glares, breathing heavily while trying to maintain cover with a shirt far too small. “Woah-I’m-I’m sorry” he stammers wanting nothing more than to be out of this situation. Pants still undone he’s moving toward the door his shirt over his head, he’s struggling.
The struggles kinda cute she thinks shaking her head and doing the shirt too assist him.
When it pops over his head she’s smiling “don’t be such a gross pig next time” opening the door for him, she giggles “call me later”

What I want

When I look into your eyes

I see a dozen lives,

 all of them involving mine.

With white covered lace rippling down my waist,

A heart covered glass and my sins replaced.

Oh, but I don’t need your glory

I don’t need your hand.

All I want is freedom

I don’t need a man.

What I want is a life worth dreaming

   Life worth giving more.

I don’t want your heart so bleeding

   Dirtying my floor.

I don’t need your soul for mine

I don’t need your ring

Just give me arms about my waist

Give the flesh I need.

Comfort in this nights embrace,

A kiss to go to sleep

Lets play pretend let our hearts bend

Blending always free

Cause I don’t need your love

I don’t need forever

Don’t turn my life around

No happily ever after

No kiss to break the spell

I don’t need your wedding bells

Chapel hell.

I don’t need your sweets

No roses at my feet

No forever after scene

I don’t need your kiss

I don’t need your heart

I’m not the answer to prince charming

I’m just killing time.

All I want is your affection

All I want is your body in mine.

(March 18 2012)

Nothing is the better

When perfect isn’t perfect,

and enough is just too late

wondering if settling is up

or if true love’s off this plate.

When passions curse the aged together

and together feels like ease,

nothing simple is ever safe,

it just feels like another disease.

A cancer to the lungs, a smoking cough

to set it off

everything is just so right

but its all simmering with no hot.

And when you look at all you wanted

you see his face

you wonder if this wonder-lust

is just a wonder-safe.

Something lacking melody but imbued with

simple chants

that rhyme you with their marigolds

and stick you with their flats.

There never seems to be a charge to push you to your end

a crisis never reached only seldom-ly  in bed.

When touch can kiss the skin send ice right through its core

a trap is set through windows pouring out

Romances door.

And every rhyme you’ve ever felt is cold to hearts own game

because romance has flattened out

it needs another refrain.

For when it reaches climax you seem to come redone

and find yourself so simple,

so easy

so much in love.

But love would rather swelter where you sit in this pot

it’d rather reach you to a boil

while you bubble in your spot.

And while you sit their soaking up

all marry rhymes and shelters

passion dies, romance it flies and nothing is the better

(March 12 2012)

Sweet sixteen

Lolita, Lolita,
all these baby divas
just too sweet to beat’em-
bet Roman Polanski would eat’em!
All these gilded ladies
merely idol babies
even Cosmopolitan’s not that crazy-
dating older men is just so passe,
these older broads-so nasty
get’em while they young?
That’s okay?
Tyga ain’t a man!
No way.
The Weeknd is just sad.
The old way.
Kate Hudson is a drag-
so thirsty-woman robs the cradle-
it’s just another Thursday?
All the rich and young-just prey
sacrifice them up-
its so great!
Kylie Jenner’s strong?
She’s okay?
This is all alright-it’s not though.
We once protected the young,
but that times gone.
Bella Thorne is just one-
in a hundred,
another child without a youth
just exploited-
by her own accord,
but we don’t stop it
tell them that it’s okay
not to flaunt it-
tell them it’s okay just to want it.
The world’s gone mad
and we just watch it
no one gives a damn-
just fuck off it.


Here we are now
and there they go
the women now pay
for what they sowed
reaping loneliness
and dying alone.
Crying into pillows
where’d the men go
got your “empowerment”
but still you go to bed solo.
What’d you expect to happen
while you blasted all intentions?
Turned nice guys into rapist
and romance to assault
but still you want the wedding gown
yes you want it all.
Yet, the abused often wake up
and our boys they’ve had enough
what’s left for you to sift through
when the men have called your bluff?