Silence it kills me
it steals all the light
a thief in such clarity
no wrongs turning right
kill me with darkness
the kind that can’t sleep
trap me in boxes
so I can not breathe
silence entraps me
silence it steals
keeps me in darkness
the light on my heels


Dancing in the moonlight
waiting for some fun
sitting in the darkness
waiting for the blood
want of something different
something new for once
dancing in the moonlight
I begin to strut
drinking in the darkness
dancing in the blood
droplets on my lips
warm and so much yum
everything is darkness
I cannot yet see
where I will be going
or how I got to sea


I find myself slipping once again
down to the darkness where this began
alone in this world all by myself
watching the living as they watch the dead
the shadows in light all in their heads
I find myself slipping back into life
thinking of nothing but drinking of strife
I have been here and never again
back to the darkness where this all began

Jump right in

In the midnight
underneath the dead sky
everything is feeling just fine
like the emptiness
and that cool rain
in the midnight one night go insane
drive for hours with no end
find yourself ever so lost again
and thinking of everything you gave up
for another one that is now dust
in the midnight underneath dead skies
find yourself losing your sight
can’t see nothing but the darkness
forget the cool rain and just jump right in

Violent Manifestations

I’ve got a knife in my pocket
I want an excuse to draw it
to pull it from the pocket and draw blood
I just want something to do
something to make me use
the blade I carry round so casually
no one thinks it means a thing to me
like I’m just as fucking safe as I could be
but they don’t know how crazy really feeds
when normal stable people live to breed
vile and disgusting though it be
I’ve got a knife in my pocket
I want to see you bleed
violent misconception thought I’d see
no answer but the cut beneath the teeth
take it all by force so it might lead
to something so beyond what beauty means
a horrific violent drama tuned perfectly
hear the very screams that my knife brings
the pain the trauma the suffering
a display of pure affection for the need
the need to be a part of anything
moving through this life so carefully
I’ve got a knife in my pocket
I just need a reason to pull it
need to let it bleed
a violent effective remainder
of what the darkness needs

The poison

Drink away the poison
in your bones is pain
living like a serpent
breathing in your veins
drink away the darkness
blow away your dreams
exhale just enough
not to make a scream
drink away the poison
for in your flesh there’s pain
break away from sorrow
remember your own name

The black

You wanna go to the black
to the devil and speak
you wanna conquer the world
never ever be meek
you wanna walk in the shadows
a demon on each arm
you want to roll with the darkness
live life on the cards
but you don’t know the price dear
you don’t know the cost
the price of the darkness
isn’t what you once thought
you think that it’s pretty
until you look at your hands
can’t wash them clean
can’t get out of the black

Where the dark things are

They all want the darkness
like it’s calling out to them
they all want the sickness
the voices in their heads
they all want the crawling
the writhing on the floor
as if it is a good thing
to always want for more
they all want to walk
with fire and with pain
as if they know the darkness
and call it by its name
like midnight is for magic
and the devil for the wronged
as if the dark will save them
and as if the light can’t see
as they lust for demons
when it’s angels that they need