Looking through the skin

A demon lives within me
she wins most every time
not even love can save me
I’m running out of rhymes
nothing in me is pure now
though it may appear that way
everything is darkness
everything is rot
there’s nothing left inside of me
nothing she hasn’t got
a demon lives within me
she’s everything I am
and if I go on living
I must make a stand
I must kill what’s within me
so the demon can never leave
living is so much harder
now that the demons all I see



Fight, fight back against the night
shutting eyes and thinking lies
somehow save the plight
don’t believe, don’t just run away
and cry
don’t drop to knees
unless your praying for the truth
fight, fight against the darkness
as it keeps you in the youth
the fear of growing older
from your parents now to you
fight against the thoughts
that nothing will get better
if you take up arms
we can end the terror
if every night you hide
cry yourself to sleep
another fight you lost
the dreams you cannot seek
fight, fight against the night
fight against the lies
fight for the real truth
hidden in disguise
fight, fight, fight and stay alive
listen to the truth not
just the feelings from inside
listen to the past and be mindful
of the truth
remember we aren’t special
the circle always moves

What the forest takes

Walking through the forest
it’s after midnight now
the darkness consumes everything
the sky contains no clouds
everything is silent here
the forest makes no sound
walking between the trees
nothing to be found
I’ve forgotten why I came here
forgotten who I am
walking after midnight
silent laughing drives me mad
don’t know what I look like
forgotten who I am
walking after midnight
no flesh at my command
a soul just drifting in darkness
drifting to final rest
never go walking after midnight
the forest needs no breath

Traverse in silence

Dead in the darkness
traverse in silence
the soul drowns the highest
in skies that fall down
dead is the body
never to be found
caskets give nothing
now isn’t that profound
I can speak riddles
tell you I’m sane
but here in the darkness
do you know your name
drowning the souls
to wash them right clean
the difficult barren
that’s done claiming me
dead in the hollows
the darkness it seeps
are you really crazy
when it’s sanity you seek

Myself down

Let myself down
I let myself down again
forgot who I was
or that I never really knew that anyway
put myself into a corner
put myself into a box
forgot that I was suppose to
get out before I got off
but now my head is spinning
spinning because of you
I wish I had known better
don’t know if that’s the truth
let myself right down again
let myself down and all my friends
the ones living inside my head
yeah, my friends are kind of different
forgot who I was too them
forgot who I was myself
or that I never really knew that anyway
who am I if I’m not afraid?
Let myself down
I let myself down again
gave into all that fear
I let you lead the way again
and now I’m down here
in a box in a dark corner
don’t know how I got here
but I know I’ve fallen from where I was
I let myself down again
I let myself drown while you were watching
all my friends say stay clear
but they’re in my head so they get foggy
I’m alone here
but what I know I know I don’t
I let myself fall here
and when I die I know I won’t

Just forget about it

Forget the rainy days
and walking through the park
every corners dangerous
every street is dark
the world is overflowing
with evil in strange amounts
we’ve never had these problems
humanity already figured out
how to light the darkness
and do away with crime
pedophiles didn’t exist
until the changing of time
we’d all like to forget
that evils all around
that humans make bad choices
we aren’t very special
are we now?

Between it and us

Darkness surrounds the light
suffocating it just right
soft and tenderly
it strangles until she screams
the darkness drinks her heart
burns her until he starts
starts to feel something
from hearing all her screams
darkness surrounds the light
suffocating her just right
he struggles just to survive
soft and tenderly
he mutes the screams tonight