jewelry box

Sitting in my jewelry box
cannot think
can’t get the top off
music doesn’t play no more
the gears they do not turn the cords
the jewelry is lost
the wooden panels all but burnt
sitting in my jewelry box
the world it fails to turn
spin like once it did so bright
golden box it filled with light
sitting in this darkness now
the glitters lost my soul still bound

Pretty little dresses

Pretty little dresses
all done up in lace
couldn’t kill a nothing
couldn’t keep the pace
dancing in ballet shoes
swinging from the gates
pretty little dresses
pretty little face
eyes all done up screaming
never feeling safe
the room is all but porcelain
fragile like my heart
cannot see beyond my hand
my nose is growing thin
pretty little dresses
hiding pretty little sins


Blended my sugars
blended my colors
I go up high
destructing others
watching them dance
move like good pawns
I got the chessboard
playing along
blended my sugars
put coffee in cream
I got the eyes
that glitter and lean
holding up walls
painted all red
watching the breakdowns
feeling the meds
I got the troubles
watching them play
I don’t give no fucks
watching the pain
little good robots
dancing on time
I got the colors
blended just right


Dancing in the moonlight
waiting for some fun
sitting in the darkness
waiting for the blood
want of something different
something new for once
dancing in the moonlight
I begin to strut
drinking in the darkness
dancing in the blood
droplets on my lips
warm and so much yum
everything is darkness
I cannot yet see
where I will be going
or how I got to sea

How it works

I don’t know how the moonlight works
how the feet get you to church
how we drive when we can’t see
bleed from cuts that aren’t skin deep
we don’t even close our eyes for sleep
talking while we grind our teeth
tongues they dance and sing and swing
like the feet that once did gleam
not knowing how the meaning feeds
I don’t know how moonlight works
how it turns and cools the earth
how it prays and shows your worth
I don’t know the talking curse

Dance until morning

Let’s dance, dance, dance
until we rip ourselves in half
until we bleed it out
like rain upon the crowd
New Years eve
everything you drink
is another fucking dream
let’s dance, dance, dance
and rip ourselves in half
throw ourselves away
and burn into decay
let’s dance and bleed our sorrow
keep burning out tomorrow
dance and dance we follow
swallow our blood like rain
drips on tongue in vain
let’s dance until we bleed
let’s dance, dance, dance
until we can’t hear the screams

When you dance

Blooming fire,
time to pass,
everything will start at last
the life you’ve given
the heart you’ve bled
soon the nightmares die again
everything will come to end
all that’s broken here will mend
God has captured all of me
I praise the Lord still on my knees
in the fire I find peace
everything will turn from weeds
all my shattered broken things
will find new purpose, new beginnings
I thank the Lord for all I’ve been
the pain, the hatred, the poison I’ve fed
I praise the Lord for all my scars
this turmoil and torment it all makes sense
I praise the Lord for the grace I’ve met.