Leave the light on

They leave the light on
cannot tell you what they think
they cry for hours
even when they’re fast asleep
they never tire
they never grow quite used to this
they leave the light on
but they’re always stuck inside the abyss
the darkness consumes
eats them up before it’s over
they leave the light
hope they’ll see it over their shoulder
but it’s black here
the darkness all but overwhelming
they leave the light on
it’s always there for the taking


Looking at the midnight sky
I wonder why I cannot cry
why I can’t just feel something
breathe the pain I know I need
why can’t I just feel the pain
know that I still have the shame
looking at the midnight sky
black it turns to blue in time
I wonder why I cannot feel
can’t express it so I can’t heal

Ponies dry

Bleed the ponies dry
kill the tears they cry
rip the final thought
speak with teeth untaught
drown the sorrows under
keep the lips uncovered
every word you speak
no one licks the cream
cats no longer need
bleed the veins deceived
find yourself in weeds
and follow all the leads
back into the self
the ponies bleed the wealth
and everything you take
break before you wake

Closed eyes

I like the deep midnight
closing eyes till I cry
pending I can see the sky
as if I’m there tonight
don’t know much at all
thought it would all but fall
hoping since much younger days
wishing that I had my way
out in the open world
big dreams such little curls
everything is just so bright
wishing for that deep midnight

Truth hurts

It hurt your feelings
but does it mean it isn’t true?
Everytime you’re reminded
have to deal with the true image of you
does it hurt to know that you are you
and that that statement
though it hurts
is undeniably the truth?
It hurt your feelings
but does that make it wrong?
You say you don’t care
but then you cry
is it so wrong to just live your life?
It hurt you so it made it wrong
you don’t care but you cry on
it’s the truth and that’s a fact
it isn’t wrong don’t turn back
if you don’t care look it in the face
the truth to not caring
is knowing your place

The other side

And I said enough is enough of the games that you play
can’t keep running on this path that you laid
all the stones here are jagged my feet have been flayed
and then you start to cry like I’m the one to blame
I know that I lied I know I did you wrong
but then you come right back you’re begging me to call
you tell me that you love me and you beg me just to stay
I tell you that you’re falling and that I should stay away
but then you start to text me keep on praying I’m okay
and still everybody’s thinking I’m the bad guy all the same
don’t know how many times you’ve told I’m the one that got away
every time we dance it’s like a perfect melody
and just at the right time it breaks down for the world to see
you will make another attempt to end this tragedy
say that I’m the monster put out all my dirty clothes
you say that I’m the wrong one but you text me just to post
and when I said goodbye to you you went away to cry
bleeding me with memories of what you give at night

Oil pastels

Everything is blending
the colors start to swell
I’m desperate for the taking
colored slowly while in hell
blending all the accents
keeping definition numb
everything is bleeding
the colors start to give
weeping out the sorrow
telling empties how to live
everything is moonlight
but colored as sun glow
everything is blended
nothing parts
and nothing shows

Drink runs dry

We wait to drink the blood
wait for peace to run
for drink to give us dry
for weeping eyes to cry
we wait and run to it
the glass that fills our lips
we watch and mourn secure
empty like the words
and is it just the bitter
running over thicker
we wait to drink the blood
this problem comes undone
for grace and favor feel
the taste it is surreal
the blood that quenched the thirst
the drunkard tells it first
we wait for dead to feed
that offer us their drink
we suck it down with ease
but forget the one we grieve