Liberal arts

Spreading lies and misinforming
academics think they’re holy
got degrees so now they know
the rules of the universe where
science and psychology
won’t go.
Evolution takes a backseat
to emotions leading to logical defeats.
Tribes they save their own
appearance leads to survival
attaching to those we know-
yes, it’s biological.
Deconstruct, but remember
the human mind likes systems
not a weakness
but natural
a way to ensure-survival.
We are in fact animals!
Animals work in systems, hierarchy-
maintains society,
social etiquette keeps down violence
by forcing accountability
we used to shame the criminals
teaching life is pivotal
losing it too cynical.
What have you academics really rectified?
When the world deconstructs
and society dies:
all the oppressed and marginalized
will fall
just like the majority.
Every difference has meaning
the goal of your intersectionality
should teach us of the difference
while not creating friction
tolerating difference
not accepting all this fiction.