I think I may have touched this
with my brilliant mind
I think I gave you something
yes something that is mine
I think you owe me money
credit and my due
everything I’ve touched
I’ve given myself too
I think I may have touched this
I remember well
that I did something here
and I want to be able to tell
tell my friends and family
that I did something
I think I am owed credit
so give it to me please
I think I may have touched this
think I may have done
something worth noting
something I have known


Make it up
write a story
sing the words
for no glory
don’t impose
the thoughts or rhymes
don’t sing songs
that change with times
talk of flowers
powers you don’t have
drink of sins
you don’t intend to choose
drink like a fountain
long after disuse
make it up
write it down
tell the story
sing it loud
don’t forget
you aren’t centered
you don’t need
to hold that shit together

Walk on fire

Burning brilliance
the bush on fire
the voice that booms
destroys my ire
broken dreams
unheard screams
the child dies
the mother feeds
burning darkness
blinding light
eyes go inward
close up tight
burn the skin
from bones of white
drink the marrow
and start to drive
drive through fire
burning roses
no one cries here
we’re all fine
burning bushes
the time it’s taken
off the witch
burning bushes
blinding light
the booming voice
brings sight to life

Living Creation

So this is my happy ending
forgotten and left still mending
this is what got me ready
ready for life upon the floor
I’m drifting off to sleep now
reading fairy tales and dreaming how
how my life got turned upside down
by the very key that let me in
no charming prince or original sin
just another unwanted living creation

Growing thorns

Watch the roses grow
and say you’ll always show
the pride that’s in your heart
you’ve made gardening an art
the joy that comes with bloom
ignore the thorns and fumes
pretend the roses smell
as beautiful and frail
watch the roses grow
red blossoms bloom and show
the love of all you’ve made
they take your pride and spade
bought the home you live
the garden blessed within
watch your roses grow
ignore the thorns and hope
that everything you’ve wrought
won’t kill what little happiness
you’ve got

Born of

I see it all around me
the bricks have all gone grey
the reasons for the changing
have all but melt away
the monsters are still lurking
never to dissipate
the evil that they wrought here
will never ever fade
the bricks have all gone grey
and buildings have grown silent
I see it all around me
as I wonder what to do
I look like a monster
because I was born of you.

Drunk off being human

Too drunk off being human
I can’t let go of influence
can’t stop thinking of the masterpiece
I’ll make,
like it will just materialize
one day,
out of nothing my magnum opus fate,
a miracle on ice so aptly named
too drunk off being human to be sane
can’t think of how to fix this day dreaming
or understand just what I am doing
thinking it into reality
existence of my thoughts oh can’t it be
without me putting in a single thing
like time or space or the least bit energy
too drunk off being human to see straight
to realize if I don’t do it won’t take
that I must get to work this time today
instead of thinking what will be some way
if I don’t get it done it will not be
too drunk off being human to believe
this could ever be about me

Burning white

I breathe
something useless as words
I breed
the creation of things
things that mean nothing
but everything
words that dream of being something
I bleed
and rainbows drip slowly out
I cut
tell you what creativity is about
hell is
a fire that never dies
words that refuse to thrive
a rhyme with good time
I bleed and dine
in white