I am the princess lost
lost to disillusion
in a world so ruthless
can’t find the means to use it
the voice beneath these lips
the tongue that thoughts so kiss
broken little dreams
useless little things
I am the princess lost to flowers
open hearts that belong to cowards
cads that lose their dignity
begging on the floor for me
disillusioned but still glad
this world is ruthless
my mind grows mad

Screaming and dreaming

Screaming and dreaming
that this will all now end
the river of blood
that it has been pretend
that every pain and cut
that we have suffered
is just another nightmare
existing under covers
screaming and dreaming
of something than the other
every bit of malcontent
the dreams of cowards
years we spent
and now it ends with this
screaming in the decadence


I can
I can
I can
I can do anything
it’s stupid
so stupid
for me not to believe
that I can achieve
anything I want
I can do anything
and I won’t think of the cost
I can be a hero
save those who can’t themselves
I can do anything
I have the power to help
I don’t think if I should
only cowards hesitate
I get offended
when told to stay in my lane
because I can
I can
yes I can
do anything
I am
able to achieve
I can do anything
I believe
and never second guess
never think to rest
never consider the mess
I can
they’ve always told me
that I can’t
so I do
I’ll save you
without a second thought
without much forgot
only cowards hesitate
this is my fight
I’m the hero
the hero I say
so I can
I can do anything
I can achieve my dreams
help others save some things
be the hero
I was born to be.

Mark the beast

Mark the beast and the tailor
took her down-oh how they shamed her!
Dressed her in their agony
pain inflicted-
passions unclean
stripped her of all she was
colored her in rags just because
mark the beast and bury the man
strip down the evils just because you can
nobody saw when they took her
just one man but we take it further
cannot believe the evil is human
so mark the beast-name it and burn it.

In the smoke

forget to move
everything you do
you remove
the good,
the bad,
the ugly too
all of it
in full view
like a flower
the color calls
you watch yourself-
you do no wrong
turn the pages,
form the mobs
burn the bridges
now you move on

Woody and Selena

Here come the wolves
here comes the blood
we’re in for fun
when we turn a blind eye
to the ones who we love.
Oh-girl you look like a cherub
all cheeks and a smile to cherish
but your dancing for-
but your acting for
a monster.
Do you adore him?
Think he’ll lead you to your moment
back on top-is that what your hoping
but you got lost in the game
dance, dance, dance
your way to authentic fame
the kind you don’t want, but
Woody Allen would pay
get you that trophy-
that golden statue to display.
Do you really think you walk free
without blame?
When the wolves come to feed
when the wounds begin to bleed
you’ll know Selena Gomez
enabled the fiends.

Creeper and Brave

In the rose garden
what do we find?
Another pedophile
by our heroines side
fighting all the demons
witch hunt with pride
but when the victims a child
this business-not mine.

In the rose garden
what do we find?
Sweet and gentle-
yeah, a really good guy
who just happens to be
convicted of a crime
having been very generous
with his flesh and his time
abused a young boy
but to our heroine-it’s fine.

In the rose garden
what do we find?
A bunch of hypocrites
who run from real fights
can’t protect the kids
no, they just hide
protect the demons that pay
yes, protect the demons they like.

In the rose garden
what do we find?
Find there’s no difference
in the monsters this time
that evil is human
regardless of face
that evil is human
regardless of taste.

Shame complicity

we say it’s bad
we have to take a stand
some things are wrong
some things are wrong
everybody makes choices
but not every choice
makes you strong
some people are not heroes
some victims don’t survive
not every story ends
with justice on your side-
even when your right
you might lose the fight
but heroes do not stop
heroes do not give in
they don’t take the cash
they don’t choose silence
they do not speak up
for fame or financial gain
heroes kill the monsters
so they can no longer prey.


Why is it
that all I see
is upper class society
trying to stop the fascist regime
to save the rest of us ignorant fiends?
Kill the bigots-set us free-
do you even know anything about poverty?
Or just what you’ve learned from Gaga and scene-John Legend taught
you what we need?
What the fuck does he know about
living poor like me?
Pronouns and safe spaces
that what you sell us.
When white privilege is your rhetoric
you’ve clearly forgotten how the rest of us live.
You aren’t heroes- super or zero,
just cowards and ignorant excuses for people.
Antifa: Laguna Beach? Beverley Hills and other golden streets
how are you fighting for the lowly?
Take the fucking mask off if you wanna throw heat
just a walking ego, a child running with needles-touch that flame
blame me though!
Antifa-the middle class dies
and this is what we’re left with?


Are you willing to die for it?
Willing not to turn tail
and run from it?
Are you gonna give your life for this?
End oppression through overt
throw punches
but also take those fist?
Get cuffed and do your bit?
Make stands for all this shit?
But all I see is cowardice
you cry when you take
that hit-
why the fuck your face all hid?
No pride in what this is
not willing to die
or give
reason for cause or shtick
just playing at freedom wins
delusional and not given
to real purpose or mission.